Lotus Stone

I was drawing at Macaroni Grill with their crayons on their paper table mats when this tune popped out. It was originally going to be a sketch, but I liked it and decided to finish it. It turned out okay amidst some problems I can readily identify.

I didn’t edit any of this picture on the computer, this is how it looks on paper. No references of any sort were used either. Blending the crayon was a pain… my finger burns…

I hope you guys enjoy, and don’t be timid to rip on it.

Wow that is awesome especialy give that it was done in crayons

Looks good for crayons as any of my sketches were never this detailed eating at Macaroni Grill. I like the chicken portabello and the bread is pretty nice.

that’s a nice pic, gammon. It looks very good.

Reminds me a little of something out of LOTR. I think it’s the association my mind makes with the hooded cloak and the pretty (if a bit tired) facial features.

Wowza! That’s crayon? I knew crayola rocked but DAMN!

Stop beastin, yo. Best crayon drawing I’ve ever seen… not that I’ve seen a whole lot of crayon drawing. Hope you eat fast, that looks like it took a long time. The complimentary bread at Macaroni Grill is the best bread I have tasted, ever. Seriously; like a carbohydrate tastegasm.

Well it was originally just the face. I finished it after I got home. Thanks for the compliments. XD