Loud noises when playing iso's (dreamcast)

i was playing a copy of MOTW and during matches the dreamcast is so noisey .
its not the fan ,but from the gd drive.

is this okay?

Not certain, but I seem to recall things were placed in a particular area of official discs to make it so the lens doesn’t have to travel as much. I think the content of the disc is pushed towards the outer edge by filling in the beginning of the disc.

And if the bootleg is burned starting at the center the lens has to move more which is why it makes more noise.

But, I could be bullshitting you. It’s been a while since I looked at burning DC discs.

Take a look at your ISO size, it should be 700 Mb so to fill completely your CDR with data. Google dummy dreamcast and you should find more info.

Anyway, I don’t know if this would cause the problem, but I know something I wanted to share before someone else does! :slight_smile:

Yes, Garou for DC is just made shitty as that. It will load every sound effect DURING the actual match, thus making the laser seek it though the disc, and IIRC the scene group who released the disc stated they had to arrange the files in the disc a certain way to make it work.

I’m uncertain if they retail GD-ROM acts like that, but i’m pretty sure it would be a little less noisy. My advice, go play the PS2 version.


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