Loudspeaker in Arcade Stick Box


Hello, i wanted to ask, if someone here in the community ever put speakers in there arcade stick?
If yes, then where, how, which source for it(audio from a console, or an MP3-player?) and how does it sound? Also which Material is your arcade stick made from?
I am not a music/sound- techician, but i want to put Nintendo-DS Speakers in my arcade stick, but iam not sure where and how does it sounds. And then i want to put audio from my pc/mp3-player & xbox360 in there with cables and connector.

Thanks for all answers

greetz Ressless

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why would you put DS speakers in there? they are garbage. If you want to do something like this, use real components. You can source good speakers from partsexpress.com. tens of thousands of parts for all your audio and video needs. You could get decent 1"-3" mids and a good t-amp, you could do it for less than $40 and have great sound.


Speakers have been done in the pass, I seen someone squeeze a MP3 player into a stick before.


I’m working on putting a Bluetooth speaker in an N3 for the purpose of taunting my opponents with various sound boards. Plan is to use a Neutrik for the charger.


Your cruel^^ , i like the idea. Nah i just want a Juke box or maybe that i can hear my own music while others ramming there hands on there own sticks(the sound annoys me sometimes).
But i read a little bit and it could be possible 2 Speakers that pointing to the downside while a Basspeaker and a reflex tube is installed too (dreaming), because i think best reflecting from ground between my legs or at the top, but then i have to deal with artwork issues(and iam not picasso).

Where would you put them for best sound?


I would put them on top and edit the art to match. It would look great if you could make the install look good and clean.


Then , there should be some foam around the speaker(eleminate some lose edges for full fine sound) and make him black on the metal if he is not. Also drill some holes in the acryl plate, or @krisimbored do you think the bass should vibrate your hands off?


What I would do would be to cut both the metal panel and acrylic and mount in under the metal panel, but if you can I would put a black speaker grill between the acrylic and metal to protect it. Between the metal panel and the speaker put something for vibration dampening, or as a style choice you can put the screws on top I would just try to make the screws flush. But its your decision if you do it.


Another option is sound transducers, which will essentially turn whatever panel into a surface speaker. They’re pretty small and can create a decent amount of sound, although the quality will vary greatly depending on the surface material and overall enclosure…and since they work by shaking the surface the vibration could be annoying.


i will take wood as groundplate and if i will put speakers under the acry plate, then with the speakers sunken inside, so it will fit there but with the srews on the artwork. so that you could take out the speakers without ruining the artwork.

@japtor : nice idea, i’ve red about how you can feel the soud when you touching the vibrating surface (like your finger is the needle and you body is the speaker to your mind). but in my case maybe to complex.

Thanks for the ideas and responses guys, now i must think about artwork for the speakers (grooove yaaa)