This show is absolutely hilarious. I love how Louis C.K. talks about the most mundane scenarios and make them seem quasi-esoteric.

I also wonder why he hasn’t offed himself yet, I guess he lives for his daughters. You don’t get so damn (but hilariously) depressing just by observational humor, you have to live it everyday.

If you guys haven’t seen it yet, you got to check it out on hulu.

Yeh I love the show dispite the horrible intro music, Ricky Gervais’s cameo in this week’s episode had me in tears!

-How does this feel?
-…how about now?


I can’t believe i still haven’t seen this.
Louie C.K has been my favorite comic for the past few years. I’ve been watching him forever but somehow having kid and becoming a shitty father made him much funnier.

The pacing is still kind of strange to me - it’s just literally clips of his standup with bits of awkward scenes sandwiched between…which is still good, but just weird.

The last one with Ricky Gervais was way too funny though, that entire scene…goddamn.

Best show. Fuck Canada for not airing it.

The standup is kind of weird because it doesn’t really bookend the show. Like how Seinfeld used to start with a joke, show would relate to it, then he’d close it with finishing the joke part.

Love the show regardless, the date in the pilot was hilarious. And Gervais fingering him

Oh come on, I only ever turn on the television to see the Jays and Raptors suck it up, what is actually “on” television is not even relevant in this age.

I hope that means you’re watching It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia as well then, I think they’re the same channel.

The weirdest thing about this show is that they bleep out swear words…but then it’s perfectly okay for Gervais to say that Louie got AIDS from raping a little blind boy - like huh?

Are you sure they bleep out swear words? Maybe its a hulu only thing, on US TV everything is there. All the n bombs, f4gs, cum, etc.

“Fuck” for some reason is definitely bleeped out…I have no idea why, I think the n-bomb that waitress dropped was untouched as well. Maybe because I don’t watch it on television…? It makes no sense, I am very confused now.

No idea but in the US after 10pm on cable you can do whatever you want. The Shield used to curse non stop, show nudity, etc. Multiple times just showing some chick getting banged side tit and nipples all over the place for like 30 seconds. No bleeps for fuck either on the US version, at least with Verizon Fios.

This is why US is considered Land of the Free IMO. As long as its between 10pm -4am

lol damn this show alternates between hilarious and awkwardly depressing like no other.

I missed the Ricky Gervais one because I am watcihng on Hulu, but yeah it basically his standup act which is perfectly fine.


Also “HURRY UP I HAVE TO TAKE A HUGE DUMP” oh I lol’d. I can’t wait til a ingger makes the shit out of his coffee.

You’re Welcome.

Ha, Jamie Moyer is indeed very old.

Lucky Louie is on Comedy Network in Canada, what are you busters talking about?

or is that separate show from Louie

different show

Is this show similar to his HBO Lucky Louie?

Holy fuck Gervais is hilarious. The show is a very strange mix of stand-up and bizarre sketches but I like it a lot.

Just saw the first 3 episodes and loved them, also came across this promo he did for the show:

Great stuff.

Ricky Gervais’ bit on his test results at the end was awesome, even though I saw it coming. Worst but strangely best doctor ever.

The latest episode was funny, that girl with the old man fetish was sick, and not the good way.