Louis' Movie Recommendations w/ commentary

I guess we might see him again when they make another sf2 remake but until then, I hope you stay out of my fighting game engines for a good while. I like thinking within spectrums! not just one!

Wrong forum you retarded Sean Penn (Dazed and Confused) knockoff.

Nah, he was sf4 and sf4 fucked over the 3s community. I’m giving you all a chance to join in without having to go post in the sf4 forums.

Also, fuck you, you… Fucker!

I don’t even know how to respond to the sean penn bit, as I don’t see how it fits…I think you meant fast time at ridgemont high?

hey bud, let’s party!

Because you come off as a stoner and Sean Penn as Spicoli is the first thing that comes to mind.

It came off as a better joke in my head though before I posted…

Let’s start over. Pretend I didn’t post anything.

Hey Dander, the jerk store called and they’re running out of you!

in my mind, you look like this:


Simply because when you’re not talking about the game, you’re talking about stomping some dudes face in. So I gave you muscles, cause only people that work real hard on their muscles seem to think that way. Then you also mentioned having kids, I think, so I made sure you wore a wife beater because an angry 3s player, with muscles and kids has got to hate something a whole lot and I can’t imagine you hate your kids so instead you beat your wife. But then I was like, maybe he doesn’t beat his wife, because he seems kinda cool now that he’s not constantly on the defensive. So let’s give him a colored wife beater to show that he’s not like all the other guys that wear wife beaters. He’s a happy wife beater wearer, but that still doesn’t mean you aren’t angry at something, so instead of going around and “stomping on people” you chose the passive route and just set your alert level to orange so people know now to fuck with you. As for the face, well…you got this, “hayyy gurrlllllll, wasss yo name?” vibe to you, because I noticed a lot of New York has that shit.

The tattoos, well those are from your past and you like to share your past because it isn’t reflective of who you are in the now light and you feel the contrast makes you appear “deep like well”. But you don’t want to laser them off because you’re saving up your money to go to one of the evos in the future or simple so cal or japan. So you leave them on. You make sure to remind people about how much you’ve gone through and how life is going to allow your transformation sometime soon, hinting at a “shedding of your old skin” so that your metamorphosis is gradual instead of immediate. Three years from now you’ll be removing those tattoos and replacing them for snake eye contacts and a split tongue. Then when people ask you about them at Evo, you’ll tell them it’s because you wanted to be more like Oro, but then they’ll be like “Oro is a frog, dude” and you’ll be all like…“No, he’s not.”

I’m not Black, but I am Black/Irish. So you get half a point.

I never mentioned wanting to have kids. I really don’t like kids and tolerate them at best. Nor do I want to get married. I don’t really think marriage is a must and think it enslaves people more than anything else.

Wife beaters are all right. I used to wear them as an under shirt but I didn’t like how they would show through if I wore I white dress shirt, so I migrated to t-shirts.

I really don’t like Orange.

I don’t have tattoos. Thought about it but I don’t want to get one just to be unique because nowadays it’s more unique to not have a tattoo.

The face, well, I’m white so…

It’s weird when I go to NYC no one points out my Long Island accent. But everywhere else everyone notices an accent. Which is weird. But when I get really pissed off I somehow channel Joe Pesci from Casino. I don’t know why, I think it’s a NY thing. Maybe because my dad has a thick Brooklyn accent.

Oro looks more like a mutant than a frog.

You get an A for effort though.

Yeah, I imagine you look like that. But possibly bi-racial like the new Spiderman.

You guys are fucking hilarious, but the layers of psychedelic-infused semi-joking meta-trolling left me stimulated but without any confidence in the actual intent of these posts.

All I really care about is, are you really hating on Seth for hurting the 3S scene? If I had to guess, I would say you aren’t, just because that is really misguided and wrong and so I’d hope others would see that too. Seth is a FGC hero.

WHITE?! I must be a stoner. I really thought I read all that stuff in your posts ahahahahaha.

double p

Seth was quoted saying he disliked 3s. Then as he praised sf4, the drones praised as well and bellowed their disdain for 3s. Had he just shat the fuck up, we might have a lively community instead of a room full of angry people. With great power, comes great responsibility.

At first, I thought you meant that dude in the spiderman live action remake but then I realized you meant the new hispanic/black spiderman. Funny, a picture of Miles popped up in my search when I was looking for the guy in the wife beater and I didn’t even know who he was. Somehow google knew you were going to mention him or he’s really buzzing with the “black man in wife beater” sections of the web.

I look more like this guy:

but with a slightly darker complexion in the face and forearms.

Lets get high as fuck and watch The Goonies

That hand in the blender scene freaked me out when I was young. Which is funny because I grew up on gory horror flicks.

I was the kind of kid who didn’t understand why people didn’t just step on Chucky in the movies


Just like Prometheus.

He bites.

Boot vs Jaw is a 10-0 matchup

American History X has a pretty good tutorial on how to play it

Maybe Viscant told Seth 7-3 matchups where the guy as 3 “DOES SOMETHING WRONG” & that Vega guy were cooler than Chun/Yun. And convinced him thru vest power or something.

Will support SF2:Tournament of Legends this year, even if there’s some 7-3 going on, where its 3’s fault he lost (3s faults<-- ppl blame and enjoy saying what’s wrong with 3s so much). & Seth playing with not anywhere in SF3 shenanigans (as egregious off a single throw x loop) like, Balrog headbutts throw, no knockdown; soft or hard at all, cross under stuff.

Get in there Seth Kill.