Louis' Movie Recommendations w/ commentary

I think we need a 3S OTT thread.

Here’s the obligatory “you were suppose to bring balance to the fgc!”





I never liked Lord of the Rings. I just don’t get it.

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I don’t like facebook. I don’t like the invasion of privacy. Otherwise I’d be on it.


Totally agree with you. I only got on it because I don’t know what’s best for me. ;_;

Good poem, appreciate it.

id post in that

What the hell is this thread about
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Fri, Feb 24, 2012

Rare footage of Seth liking Third Strike? I know he likes to explain this one, being he’s a part of it and waxes philosophical, don’t know if he talks 3s anywhere else in any capacity.

My favorite was EventHubs commenter thoughts: “SF4 is so good, that SF3 guys can’t even play it, point out 1 player just 1!!” kinda ignoring why established players don’t want to play it, like it was mandatory they had to. And the big monkey in the room… Daigo and Wong. Not SF3 players huh. Same top guys in your 4 been doing this for a while, multiple games. 2005 Texas Showdown Lousicipher linked about the beef, ComboFiend / Wong top 8 in every game starting Winner’s bracket or losers bracket fighting back. “Top 4 Winner’s & Losers? Can’t beat that”

At least more people will know what Tougeki is now that Marvel 3 is in, beyond SF4 problems in logistics and “scandal,” Arcades getting SBO spots for more than 1 game up for grabs.

Cool story ho.

What is wrong with you.

Otherwise, thread of the month.

Just doesn’t do anything for me. I never liked fantasy adventure whatever. Same applies to Star Wars, Battletar, Star Trek, etc. Game of Thrones just doesn’t interest me.

I am a fan of the Alien/Predator franchises though. And I grew up on Horror and watched all the classics and tons of obscure shit. I don’t watch a lot of modern horror, just doesn’t appeal to me, but if I hear it’s good I’ll check it out.

me 2 actually.

prometheus was a fucking wreck.

Best recent horror film (recent being from now until last 2-3 years) is Cabin in the Woods. Highly recommend it, likeable characters, great ideas, great effects work, humor, etc.

Prometheus I didn’t think was that bad, it was better than Resurrection or the AVP movies but it really should’ve been better. Plus it just doesn’t make sense to take Giger’s brilliant bio-mechanic design for the Space Jockey and just say ‘hey, they’re not bio-mechanic,they’re just really buff albino’s in space suits.’ that really annoyed me. Aside from plot holes, illogical character motives (yeah, a dude is just going to pet an Alien Cobra and expect nothing bad to happen) and refusing to answer much in the way of questions.

The big questions regarding the Space Jockey’s and Alien are: Where did they come from? Did the Space Jockey create the Alien? From what and for what purpose? What was the plan for the derelict on LV426? Was that ship a warship, was it some sort of lab to create the Alien? What happened to the Alien that burst out of the Jockey? Did it die? Was it a queen and created all the eggs? What was that blue light in the egg chamber that reacted if anything broke it? Was it a warning?

Those are the questions pretty much everyone wanted answered and the only thing we got is that the Jockey’s *may *have created the Alien by some sort of fusion with humans and they were *maybe *a biological weapon.

No definite answers to much of anything. I mean how hard could it have been to explain the origin of the Alien? Even the comics handled it in a better way.

I can recommend a couple good movies

In The Mouth Of Madness
Session 9
Jacobs Ladder
Maniac (Lulzfest)

Cabin in the Woods had me until the Dana girl was taking like 20 hits from the redneck zombie mofo on the dock and still managed to survive. Then somehow the pothead stoner came in to save her while he had earlier been dragged away with a bear trap in his back by another redneck zombie?

Dat logic.

In the Mouth of Madness isn’t my favorite Carpenter but I agree with the other choices. My favorite Carpenter flick would be a toss up between The Thing (natch), Prince of Darkness, and They Live.