Louisiana Ranbat-#2 (Dibbz Internet Cafe) Aug 2, 2009

New Orleans will be hosting its second ranbat tourny on Sunday Aug 2, 2009.

Blaze Blue----PS3

Entry Fee:

Dibbz internet Cafe
6850 Veterans
Metairie La, 70003

Blaze Blue…4:30pm

Last ranbat winners in Sf4 were Vegita-x holding it down with Zangief… 2nd place was Jakobb playing Bison

Blaze Blue winner was Stone a.ka. kenmasterx…a.k.a better then Magneto-x…:slight_smile:

Hope to see everyone there…

We’re see about that, that Litchi is trash. :slight_smile:

Why are you posting in third person Pat?!?!(Last ranbat winners in Sf4 were Vegita-x holding it down with Zangief) I wish I played sf4 more often, I might start playing again just because it’s the new crack. Once my the love of my life (New tekken 6) come’s out. I’m done. I loved that game just as much as mvc2!

So what’s the point system for these? (i.e. 10pts for 1st, 7pts for 2nd, 5pts for 3rd, etc.) And how long is the season?

Usually Ranking Battles have a season and a points system if I’m not mistaken.

Also, maybe you want to use a single thread for the results to track the points leaders through the season. Just my thought.

You should play me before you talk trash. :slight_smile:

Also, god dammit I have to practice SF4 again? X_X

Pat hit me up sometime this week I want to practice against your gief :smiley:

Thats cool, I might be at dibbz this friday night for some sf4 action…

I can probably bring my HD camera and at least record the Top 8 for SF4, if no one else is going to. Just let me know.


gonna be in new orleans for siggraph, how about a MVC2 tourny also?

Man, wished sf4 was on the ps3, I most definitely would had been there. Major Bummer for me…

u should still come, there will be plenty of sticks for u to play on…

We have like 30ish people here os far, its gonna be a doozy!

Had a great time at the Ranbat today. This is Brian Sy (C. as it was written on the brackets). It was fun playing ya’ll even when I got stomped. I learned a lot for sure. Thanks Stone for the words of advice in my last match, and props to the other Tager player in the tourney. I admit that I stole some of your combos/set-ups mid-tourney :P. Today was just a test run, but now it’s time to crack down and learn the game for real.

Feel free to hit me up online, I got a lot to learn, but i’m always up for same games against good folks.

GGs to everyone in the BB tournament. I did better than I thought, considering that was my first tournament since 2007. But God, did I gain a little hate for V-13.

FPS kiddies are funny to listen to sometimes.

That was a fun tournament. I improved a lot just watching everyone play. Till next time. Can’t wait to see the results; I had to cut out early before the finals.

Jonathan from New Orleans.

So, what is this Dibbz place all about?

It’s a LAN center aka Internet Cafe’.

A Place where people come to play computer games like WoW or surf the interwebs or whatever. And you can rent time on their Big Screens and hook up whatever system you want and play for that time. They have a website, Google it and you can find the address. Next time people are going they will probably post in the Louisiana Thread and you can go check it out for yourself. GL