Louisville, Ky. SSF4, 3rd strike tournament?


Looking for a bunch of street fighter players to come together to make a tournament in Louisville happen! Fandom Fest is coming up and we all would like a few ‘warm up’ match(s). I can talk to a couple of vendors to see if we can use their store to play at. In the past we used to go to BluegrassMagicShop. We could try them or we could try “something-to-do” in Oxmoor Mall. We just need a bunch of people to come together!! Call me or Email me if interested. 502-544-8925. email: dc8237@hotmail.com or message me on Xbox live! GT: lilp0okie. I’d prefer using 360 in the tournament, but any tournament is fine with me! Let me know if you have any ideas to where we can play at! thanks!