Louisville SFIV Players


Looking to see if anyone in the louisville area still kick it at SFIV anymore.
Looking to find some local player to start up a team or just for practice.

Hit me up at 502-298-0650


yo im gonna get on that super when it comes out, so if you wanna help me brush up on sf4 im down.


if you feel like makin a lil bit of a drive all of the cincy/dayton get together regularly at our arcade to play all games but mostly 4 right now and we will be playin super when it comes out. we will be there every thurs night and most saturdays we hold tournaments. check out the cincy/dayton thread for more specific info if you want.


I’m from lexington not louisville but me and my buddy play everyday and down to play any KY people. We’r also planning to host a legit ssf4 tournament here in lex this summer if you know anyone who’d be interested in coming down, probably going to have like a $400 grand prize and maybe few TE stick door prizes.


i know a bunch of dudes that would show up if you did hd remix and marvel capcom 2 with that.


Yeah im Down for drivin anywhere. Im starting a full time job this Sunday tho. So i have to check my hours. If Ive got Thursdays off. I wouldn’t mind hitting up ciny


We will probably do HD Remix,SSF4, and BlazBlue, but that isn’t set in stone that’s just what we’r considering right now. It’s probably not going to be for a few months we’r going to take the time to plan and make sure its a well organized legit event so it will be more fun for everyone. We’r still looking for people to help out and someone to manage a live stream. But as soon as everythings solid we’ll take a couple weeks contacting everyone we can and getting the word out then we’ll be ready to roll.


MarshMayh3m. Who are you? Me and a few other people in Lexington play fighting games include SF4, BlazBlue, SSF2T and GG. If you want to get together for games let me know. I’m also preparing to run a tournament over the summer and I don’t see the point in two.


Yea we can get together and just work on getting 1 big one going down. My buddy Doug said hes played with Kajoq before.


I got someone who has a PA system they’ll let us use, and I know a few people who will loan TV’s and consoles. I’m currently looking for someone who knows how to manage a live stream. Also got a hot gamer chick who will dress and cammy and commentate the matches haha. But yea thats about what I’ve been working on for it. I’d like to find a somewhat affordable place to do it. Planning on doing HD Remix and SSF4. Also would like to find someone who can do a lil graphic design to make a lil flyer or something I can post around the internet or any stores that would allow it.


What are these dates for this? With my new job starting up ill be making enough money to possible get some live stream equipment. It’s not going to be set in stone or anything but i can look into it. Ill have to get some dates tho. only off 2 days a week. Ive got a ps3 that will have ssf4 my TE stick plus my custom made stick.


Not sure on a date yet looking at sometime through end of may to middle june as the timing but havent narrowed it down to a day yet, we’r still scoping at possible locations and looking for help atm but as soon as I settle down on a specific day I’ll start spreading the word like crazy. Also it will probably be on a friday or saturday.


dont take that time frame as set in stone though if hype starts to build we may push it back a couple more weeks to let the word spread a little more


We should really move the rest of this discussion to the actual Kentucky thread, Lol


i say skip that blaze blue stuff and stick something good in there.

kentucky has a bad enough reputation for shit as it is, i mean cmon… we got to deal with stereotypes, hill billys, inbreeding, KFC, no pro sports teams and now your gonna mark us as anti-social sweaty fat nerdy anime kids… do me a favor.

no offense to anyone, every anti-social nerdy anime kid isnt necessarily fat or sweaty…

ride dick of another culture = takes mind off the fact you have no culture of your own. youve been trained well, simple american.


Well until the state of kentucky releases a fighting game i think thats the only option lol. But I agree with you some what KY does have a bad reputation, even in the gaming world. When you try to play a serious game with someone and they find out your from KY or if you have even the tiniest hint of a southern accent they suddenly take you for a complete moron and think your going to suck. We need to do something bout that shit. Thats why I figured we could live stream our tourny, so other people can check it out and see some high calibur ky players(hopefully some come @_@:wink: But like I said blazblue and such isnt set in stone I’m definitley going to do SSF4 no matter what but we’r trying to think of 2 other games that would bring the best turnout. Any input if definitley appreciated though we want to make this tourny the best we can so feedback from other gamers is always welcome.


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