Lounja's South Miami Street Fighter IV Tournament (8/23/09)

Welcome to Lounja’s South Miami Street Fighter IV Tournament!

Come prove yourself among players in the local scene and improve your Street Fighter IV game!

August 23th

Tournament will begin promptly at 6:pm. Please arrive at least 20-30 minutes early

Also read about our Blazblue tournament at 2pm here:

Lounja (Fit Life, Catering & Caf)
13405 SW 128th St, #211
Miami, Fl 33186
Office: (305) 971-9168

Florida Turnpike:

Drive south & exit left on 120th St (Exit 19)
Turn Right onto SW 120th St
Turn Left onto SW 137th Ave (Lindgren Road)
Turn Left onto SW 128th St
Turn Left onto 134th Ave (13405, Mint Green Commercial Buildings)

$10 Entrance Fee
$10 Tournament Fee

If 50 people show up, the prizes will be as follows:
1st place: $350
2nd place: $100
3rd place: $50

Important Notes:
You must bring your own controller/arcade stick (BYOC). You may also bring your own tv?s, systems, games, setups, etc.

Game Rules:

PS3 System or 360. Best 2 out of 3 matches, double elimination.
Winner must stick with the same character. Loser may pick a new character.

Personal Notes:

The place itself is a really big spaced area with AC. We have several big screen TVs with comfortable bean bag chairs and fold out chairs. The hole in one is that we have a GIANT projector in the middle of the place where we plan to hold the ‘‘grand finals’’ for each tournament. It is a really nice place. We have other games/systems there too from shooters to fighters to all types of things.

We?re pretty much starting out this new business and we need you to here to fully support us. If these bi-weekly tournaments turn into something much bigger we would be able to give back to YOU (the Gamer Community) in ways such as a new store, more equipment, and overall better support for gamers to enjoy their time here!

I really hope you guys come out and support your local Street Fighter IV scene and us here at Lounja! If we could get a big following coming through I think we could get a nice sponsorship.

If this turns out to run well then in the future we could possibility hold more games and events.

Well let?s get this show on the road!
Please post if you are attending!

Remember to check out our Blazblue tournament as well HERE:

You should’ve gotten this posted up a week or two in advance for better promotion. Another suggestion would be to add the number of rounds and matches and state double elimination. I’ll see if i can make it.

What’s the prize money going to be if less than 50 people show up, or if more than 50 people show up?

The prize will depend on how many people show up/size of the pot

1st place: 70 % of pot
2nd place: 20% of pot
3rd place: 10% of pot

Just giving this a quick bump. Bring everyone you know! The more people come the better the prizes!

bump???!!! =O

Would there be an entrance fee for spectators?

Not gonna be able to make this one probably the next one.

is this event gonna be streamed live?

We need some answers, I am calling and no one is picking up. is there a fee for spectators???