lov setups

(from far)lp lov , dash, (if parried by opponent) dash throw
(from far)lp lov, dash , dash (parried high or blocked high by opponent), cr. HK

post more please.

cr.hk? C’mon now…

I’ve actually been working on some meaty sonic boom setups. They’re usefull for gaining space and pushing the opponent in the corner:

After a directional throw

start charging right before remy spins his leg around to make the guy fall. This will set up a dash partition. Foward dash partition (f,f,db) right after they hit the ground and you get a meaty cr.lk xx sonic if they tech roll. If they don’t tech roll then you get an extra foward dash and the mixup between cl.mk xx sonic or cr.lk xx sonic.

After a midscreen neutal grab or a connected razorkick

throw a jab sonic from far away (don’t forget to charge buffer) that will hit them meaty on their wakeup standing frame. Foward dash partition twice and you get a cr.mp xx sonic. If done right they should be in blockstun the whole time. Don’t forget to mix up the sonic boom strengths so avoid red parries. It should be noted that if the first sonic will whiff if they don’t tech roll leaving you only with a meaty mp xx sonic (which is still decent enough).

If you know they aren’t going to tech roll then you can dash foward 3 times (moving the downed body further) then do a backdash meaty sonic right before they wake up. To do this, execute the first foward dash with no charge, then foward dash partition twice, and finally do a backdash partition (b,db) to complete the charge.

yeah after that I do a ex low lov. works every time.