Love for sticks far outwieghs my skill at fighters

So My stick collection is approaching +10. I love wiring them up, customizing them, and I’m wanting to tackle making one from scratch soon as well. Fact of the mater is, I still suck at fighting games. Sure I can beat my friends but I’d never amount to a blip on the radar at a competitive level. But I can’t seem to stop myself from buying sticks and modding them with arcade parts :looney:.

Also I’m running out of room to store these things.

Has anyone else found themselves in a similar position?

Talk to meus.

Yes sir, I too share this affliction.
Lets see, here.
Round 1 TE (for standard everyday play),
Round 2 TE (Sealed),
MVC2 TE modded with PS2 PCB for my Playstation games.
Just ordered a SSF4 TE (for Collectors sake… im crazy like that).
Mad Catz SE modded with an N64 PCB JLF stick and Sanwa buttons.
Hori Ex2 modded with Sanwa buttons and a SNES PCB
Mad Catz SE TVC Wii stick with Sanwa buttons and JLF stick.
Regular ass Hori Wii Stick (the one for 39.99)…

I have lots of fun wiring and converting to fit my needs. Being that I only have 8… I must only be 80% as crazy as you :). I’d classify my self as “Sub Par Decent”… meaning im ok but wont be winning any tournaments any time soon. Actually id be lucky to beat a malnourished toddler who has never played a video game and has occasional indigestion

same here i was near 40 trying to get it to 10 or under

Queue in Markman in 3…2…1…

Lol! Mark has over 160 (I’m pretty sure he’s picking up a couple of VLXs as well as a custom from the Philippines).