Love mails?



People tends to get hate mails for using annoying characters.
This seems not be the case for Chun Li players. I get a lot of love mails for using her haha.

How is it with the rest?


I get hate mail sometimes for being a “turtling, zoning, keep away faggot” (not my own words). Which makes me smile because it means I’m doing my job right.

But yes occasionally I do get mails of approval.


I feel like chuns hate on other chuns a lot… I just got a message after a mirror match saying, “keep running pussy” to which I responded “keep using U2 on wakeup”… Like wtf?

On the flip side I fought a fantastic guile that messaged me saying, “it’s refreshing to fight a chun that knows what they’re doing” and a blanka that said, “I wasn’t prepared to fight a chun that does anything other than jab and throw”. It’s nice to be recognized. <3


I played valmaster and sent him love mail lol - I felt obliged to after how soundly he destroyed me and how much I like watching his replays


idk i dont played online

buuuuut, in offline session i´ve spread a lot of cancer using just


HSU is too safe OP, pls nerf


When I was playing Blanka and I went online… all I seemed to get was hate mail & death threats.

Playing Chun and hopping online is a much different story, I actually get “GGs” and “fun matches” and even compliments on spacing. NONE of which ever happened when playing Blanka (for pretty obvious reasons… lag-shock/U1 in particular). Gotta love the love!


I enjoy facing blanka online tbh. :slight_smile: bring it on.


i love this


I rage got on the mic. My friend just stood there and said “Finish me. I’m stick of characters that just poke and run.”


Interesting. Introduce him to street fighter.


What’s funny is he compliments me using Blanka and Cammy. Rips into me for using Chun Li, Sagat, Yang and Ken? lol


Everybody has a particular archetype they can’t stand, so no matter who you play there’s someone who will bitch, moan and complain about them. Sounds like your friend is more into shenanigan characters and hates characters that have more emphasis on zoning/spacing and footsies.

Me personally, I’m not too fond of fighting grapplers/heavy characters and don’t really have sympathy for the fact that they have to bulldog their way in because it gets tedious whittling down their health a little bit at a time and hoping they don’t make that one good read that ruins your life (especially in KOF with their extended grab combos and armor properties). No matter how many times you hit them, they just keep coming forward.

Luckily Chun Li is pretty much an anti-grappler/heavy character, but I never hear the end of it from the people who play them just because I’m doing what I’m supposed to do. Again… no sympathy from me.

I like picking them and slamming people around though. I can’t wait for Hugo.