Love me long time or BANG BANG!

Yee haaw, i love my state.

The principles are right, but this is one hell of a slippery slope.


In before white is right/stairs/ @matriarch .

There are no comments because all the SRK vigilante justice lovers left to go personally congratulate this guy. There are now 12 dead black men by his doorstep and he’s leading the polls for next governor.

Why did she take his money again?

Make it Bang Bang. Lol.

Its a scam of sorts. Lots of girls advertise as “escorts”, want money, and then they use her excuse and split. I can see the technical “theft of time” here but its a real slippery slope since this sets precedent.

The whole south should be nuked. Shit is getting retarded.

They need to be re-educated. Im surprised at the amount of ignorance around me.

This reminds me of that time I paid a doctor 50 grand to euthanize me. That was the worst sarin gas I’ve ever been exposed to.
Boy…I raped the shit out of them for that one.

she should’ve given his money back.

she should have given up the booty. these fake bitches arent about that life, he was. Dont start what you cant finish. if your gonna put yourself out there like an escort, then youre gonna be expected to act like one. and common sense is that escorts is just the legal workaround prostitution. sure you dont HAVE to sleep with them, but its implied. Her tragic mistake or naivety was her downfall. And the guy got lucky that texas is retarded.

Texas school district outs lesbian student to her parents; parents file suit alleging violation of privacy rights; Texas courts dismiss case on the basis that the Bill of Rights does not apply to school students.

Because… freedom. And stuff.

Don’t mess with Texas.

What the fuck. So students arent people huh? interesting.

Bill of Rights? The president told me that silly piece of paper doesn’t matter anymore.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Also, who needs privacy or freedom? Security is the only thing that matters.

I only wish there were no term limits so we could vote for Obama for a third time.

Sarcasm if YJDK.

If only I could use this argument at McD’s. That’ll be the last time they fuck up my order at the window.


I saw this shit.

We need to 1. Legalize prostitution and 2. Stop dumb ass shit like this. Mandatory probation and 1 yr. loss of carry rights if you use a gun in self-defense that results in death. You’re not in jail, you’re not dead, and there’s a protection program if you’re involved in shit that makes you vulnerable to attacks. I don’t see the problem with this. If you REALLY need to shoot a nigga, you’ll think twice, but you still get to keep your gun rights.

I read the title and thought Missing Person’s wife finally snapped and killed him.

Yes. It’s the greatest thing in the world. Also require mandatory licencing, health checks and training to protect both sex workers and clients from STIs. Legalise brothels and escorts, but still prohibit streetwalking.

The fuck?

The problem in this case is not the use of the firearm. It’s the jury who refused to hold a man accountable for excessive force. Use of firearms (or any weapon) in genuine self-defense should never be punished, where self-defense can be demonstrated to the court.

Why on earth would you punish someone for defending themselves?

Don’t mess with Texas Ho

Things that went through my mind while reading this.

The prostitution angle is irrelevant to me. Yes he solicited an illegal act, but she still stole his money: I look at it as a case of her basically reaching in his pockets, taking $150 and refusing to give it back. I don’t, however, think deadly force was justified, but dude did stand up to someone who just robbed him. I really don’t know what the middle ground on that should be if he’s got a loaded weapon on him which was his legal right to carry.

She should have only got $75 and not $150. He should have given her half up front and half after he busted a nut.