Love the graphics in the MvC3 trailer, Capcom please make a game like that!

I’m really hoping the in-game graphics are similar to that. I know no body wants to play a game where its all dark, but look how great it looks. I’d take some kind of option that lets you play like that, over some Color #12 option that puts little sketchy marks on your character.

I love the way each character looked like this. It’s hard to tell, but at the end I do believe Ryu was not EXACTLY like in Tatsunoko which is a good sign. If they based it off that engine it wouldnt be too bad, but I’d like to see the characters modified and not exactly taken off of TvC.

Thread about the art already exists.

FYI: Word is those are the in-game character models in the movie. Whatever that actually means, since I haven’t seen anything explaining how they are using the assetts (TvC full poly/3D assetts or utilizing pre-renders a’la KOF XII). IMO, as someone that knows things, I don’t see any reason not to believe that. Fighting game models tend to be higher poly anyways…then you have the stylized shader going on…so…yeah…oh yeah. CLOSED!