LOVED the infernal affairs easter egg!

one of the tombstones is of tony leung’s character from the movie infernal affairs. lol, it’s great that you put that little thing in there.

great issue btw.


im confused, which issue r u talking about… plz elaborate.

infernal affairs is good stuff.

it’s in the latest issue, number 7. where chun li is at the tombstone of her father.

There’s quite a bit of HK movie in jokes in the HK sequence… see who can name them all.

i found another one…the license plate when all the goons step outta there car about to jump fei long. it says 5354…but in chinese it means…crap, don’t know how to explain it.

mm som mm say. ah, who ever is chinese will know what it means.

lol, i just saw two more, the ‘goo wok jai’ - ‘YOUNG and DANGEROUS’ boys are in there when they’re about to jump fei long.

also, the two white birds…doves right?? the john woo touch. hehe.

nice work.

yea, I picked out the Young and Dangerous one…the long haired dude is Ekin Cheng’s character, I think…by the long hair and the tatoo on the chest.


the movie fei wong is in is called Legend of Fist…much like Jet Li’s Fist of Legend. pretty sure you all caught that one though.

The liscenes plate “5354” - meaning “Not 3 not 4” in Chinese, and that just means being not good, something like that, hard to explain.

I saw the Young & Dangerous guys, lol. Ekin is the one in the middle, the one on the right wearing glasses is “Lum Hui Fung” (Chinese)

And the Infernal Affairs one, that’s all I found…is there suppose to be more?

Anyway, is this a typo?

Director - “Wait, you’re weren’t thinking of leaving through the front were you?”

“Wait, you are were not thinking of leaving…”


Don’t know about you but both of those sentances make sence to me.

to be more precise on 5354 - yeah, it reads Ng Sam Ng Say, which is very close to the meaning of Not Alive, Not Dead… which means hanging in the middle, no going anywhere. It is also used as an adjective type. When we say something is Ng Sam Ng Say, it means that it is out of context, neither 3 or 4 (5, pronounced as Ng, has a negative meaning when you put in front of any word).

Hope this explains.

These little references have been great. I love the paying homage to classic HK films. I only caught the Internal Affairs and Fist of legend, but it’s really great to come up hear and have you all discuss these things. Like a director’s commentary. Awesome job guys.