Lovepig's House....PV!


i will be working in collaboration with shoo and his house ( to host casuals.

mostly marvel over here, but no problem running 3s, ggxxac, and even cvs2

im always down for casuals so just hit me up.

today is the first day i’ll be hosting at my pad so hit me up

no sf4


Keep in mind lovepig lives exactly 2 miles from me.

But if people want some marvel and 3s lovepig is your man.

For the time being i’ll only do cvs2, till further notice.


You’re a faggot, that’s what you’ll do.

Whens the next thing, Pig?


thnx for everyone who made it out today!!!

GG to everyone

8 man tourny results

2.herman(perfect on khaos)
4.the orko
5.infrit aka cranday

7 man tourny

1.the orko
5.infrit aka cranday

next event TBA maybe this coming weekend if enough ppl are interested


I heard little gay critters come out at night and crawl into people’s asses.

and this:


:rock: Damm GG’s to everyone. Lot of close calls as well :rock:


How many set ups did you get going joe?


Awesome battles. Damnit… Herman got a perfect on me… lol It happens.
GG’s nonetheless.

Gotta get more casuals in!


it waz some go0d shii…

thanks 2 lovepig 4 da casuals @ hes paD…:wink:


You wanna host this sunday amor puerco?


I’ll go if you guys run CVS2. let me know pls only if you guys are serious!!


see if you can come by on saturday or sunday ^^^

one of us will run cvs2


fevor shoo always gets a good turnout for his cvs2 days.
best bet is him. i believe he has a schedule of upcoming cvs2 days
if nothing comes up within the next two days im willing to host on sun.

ppl of interest for sunday marvel sesh?
lets get this head count goin


ok sounds cool. :tup:


The ORK0 is now one of us \0-0/


I’m more than down for this. Will you need extra TVs or anything like that?
Just remember I’m a church man so Thursday, Saturday, and Sundays will pretty much always be a no show for me.



Teach me Blackheart. Here’s what I know-

-Jump around and press FIERCE or ROUNDHOUSE.

-Air dash and do the aforementioned.

-Inferno x HOD.

-When in doubt LK out.


hahaha you crazy fucker, who you been pissin off lately =P
okay, here’s tip number one… forget everything you just said. No seriously, that’s why people think BH sucks.
If you really want me to teach you, I’m down, and I’ll show you all my secrets next time i see ya.

P.S. why is Orko “the savage” like one of the nicest dudes in the marvel scene lol
I think the savage refers to what I turn into when he beasts on me lol


play cvs2 with usssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


I’m willing to learn!