Loving Iron Fist...having trouble...



I’m loving Iron Fist leading my team, because in practice, I sure can pull off some great combos…but putting them into use in an actual match, I am having a really hard time. Any tips on what to do and how to get in on people easier?


for starters, don’t jump a lot to get in and just use wavedashes more. his jumping attacks are ass.

also, a lot of ironfist players I see start off their chains with standing jab. DON’T do that, start with standing M. his standing M has a million times more priority and it’ll beat a lot of things that it shouldn’t


The best advice I could give is two things.

Master wavedashing as Iron Fist, and knowing how to extent Iron Fist’s range by canceling his dashing. Those are your own solo tools to get in, and you need assists to help get him in.Iron Fist has probably the fastest wavedash, and Dash cancel normals in the entire game. It’s not the really the fact that Danny has good normals, it’s the fact that he literally use the momentum on his dash to extend his pokes.


I feel the same way man. I have three combos from the bible down pat, facing both ways. However in an actual match, I am having such a hard time, A) getting in on people and B) landing the first hit to start the damn combos. Im tried poking with Medium to hit confirm into a combo but eff me Its frustrating. Especially when you fight players who main Zero! I’m thinking of dropping him as my main entirely. Which is sad because I really want to like this character but its just not sitting well with me.


I know how you guys feel. He does big damage but he is so much work to actually get in. I just get frustrated with all the work then one of the sparda twins does some half screen move into a full combo for no effort. He is so cool and I love his character but jeez what where they thinking with some of his design decisions. I think a normal launcher would go about improving him by a lot honestly or some better ground to air options at least. Or a command grab at least because you can just block almost anything Iron Fist does easily.


He has to take a lot of chip before getting in. I would like to know the value of how much damage blue chi helps reduce. And it’s like by the time he does get in, any BnB into Hyper and DHC would probably finish him off.


i know how frustrating zero can be especially now with no invincibility assists you can’t even call assists because he’s a happy birthday machine
but just stick in there, i think he’s worth putting the time into he’s too much fun to drop :slight_smile:


From the guide, it says he takes exactly 20% less damage and it lasts for 300 frames (or 5 seconds).

Also, a tip on how to get in: start utilizing his crouching H and confirming it into forward H so that he can jump cancel it if they don’t advancing guard. If you hit with F.H then jump cancel into a slow Air H -> Air S then land and do st. M -> st. H -> QCF M to cause a hard knockdown and followup with an otg QCB M into whatever other rekkas you want.

Since you can cancel any second rekka into a chi, if you start off with his QCF L rekka which is safe (0) on block and cancel that into his blue chi (most recommended since it ups his defense), his block strings become even safer. Plus you can cancel his one hit of super armor when activating chi into a super on reaction and follow up since his Fists of Fury wall bounces.

Sure it’s hard to get in with IF but once you do it’s almost a guaranteed kill on any character ~900k health if you have 2 meters. Just keep at it! I’m not going to give up on this character, I really like IF.


I had no idea you could jump cancel F+C… so awesome. What other moves are jump cancel able?

Also, can anyone point me in the direction of a wave dash/plinking tutorial. I spam A+B and Down over and over and I feel like that is pretty scrubby…


But isn’t that what wave dashing is? At least is how I do it and it is pretty fast and effective.


yeah, the only time i plink for dashing is when i’m in flight mode and the fist doesn’t have flight so
i think you’re doing it the way most people do it


I could of sworn there was a better way, involving ‘C’ but maybe not.

1 other thing. My friend has found a way to stomp my iron fist… jumping. g’damn he just bunny hops and bunny hops and when I go to throw he breaks away. Fuck me.


Strider assist may be your answer.


well i also use hsienko and because her dash is canceled by a normal you can plink her dash to make it go from super slow to just slow but if can’t do that (that i’m aware of) so it doesn’t apply here


spamming AB and down is basically how you do it. If you can close the gap on an empty screen in about half a second, and your dash doesn’t get interrupted by one of your normals from hitting A+B too much, you’re fine.


I’ve felt like the times when I’ve done best with him aren’t so much about trying to get in, rather just being patient and playing defensively. Obviously this doesn’t work that well against Dormammu or Hawkeye, but for a lot of characters, if you just relax and wait for them to get impatient, it won’t take long before they do something laggy within a half-screen or so and you can get in that ass.

I look at him like a little Hulk. You want to hang around right at the tip of the other guy’s range and be just agressive enough that they’re worried about getting tagged. At that point, just block and keep your eyes peeled for an unsafe block string or whiffed special and then make them pay. Even with zoning characters, Iron Fist doesn’t have a lot of movement options but he’s still pretty slippery if he doesn’t super jump. It’s not easy for anyone when Dorm or RR put you in a platformer, but he can slide in with normal jumps pretty well.


I use Iron Fist as an anchor and overall I just play carefully since at that point I have no assists left even though I would be against a zoning character which for sure Iron Fist struggles against the most. The only benefit is that more than half of the time I have LVL 3 X-factor on my side which is a great benefit with the speed boost and all for punishing mostly. The info stated above is helpful, the most important imo is wavedashing since its you main basic movement to get around quickly. Also dont forget the f+H into jump trick, really helps.


I would also like to mention about his j.L, its got some good priority and j.S can be easily linked once it connects, a good tactic to use if you jump cancel out of a blocked f+H


The hardest thing about playing Iron fist is when people chicken guard against him. He has little to no answers to it so he requires an assist that can keep his opponent in blockstun on the ground.Strider, Iron man, Doom, Taskmaster, Hawkeye, Dante, and a few others have assists that keep people in place long enough to get a mixup. Getting in with Iron fist is very hard. Use alot of normal jump blocks and call your assists to keep them grounded. Once you get them to the corner its alot easier to apply your mixup because jumping backwards doesnt move them anywhere so your goal should almost always be to push them to the corner. Iron fist kills most characters with one combo so make sure you have your combos down.


If you have Iron Fist on your team it is a must that you have a lock-down assist. Once your opponent realizes that all they have to do is hold up-back to avoid any mixup pressure you’re going to need another alternative to getting in and staying in. This is why I feel Iron Fist is best played on point and at the least secondary. Never should he be put on as an anchor on a team. He is heavily dependent on assist to be a very effective and lethal character.