Low and Medium character models

Hi guys, i’m new to ssfivae and its a great game even though i suck at it so far. I’m having problems with combos and it might be because i suck or it might be because i cannot maintain 60fps, i can maintain 50-55fps. I didn’t get so far in sfiv vanilla to try out crazy combo’s but the game ran slightly smoother thanks to the option to lower character models to medium, in which case the game could be ran at 60fps. SO, is there any way around this since in this version the settings don’t make any difference, besides of course, buying a new computer/laptop. I understand mods may be helpful but i haven’t yet scrolled through the 79 pages for custom skins in the hope someone has a mod. If anybody is in a similar situation i can recommend the simple stage mod on the modding wiki. as ssfivae runs at about 15fps less than vanilla the stage mod helped me get back valuable fps and since i’ve been playing with it a while i don’t notice the difference anymore and the game is still awesome. any help would be appreciated, in the mean time i guess i’m gonna pray every night that the 2012 update fixes this.

There are some options you can turn down/off to improve better FPS:

  • Set Framerate option from “Smooth” to “Fixed” or test the options out what fits best.
  • Lower/turn off anti-aliasing, filters and/or particles.
  • Turn off Vsync.
  • Try other screen resolution(s).

yeah alright got that stuff down but thanks. my game is 55fps but set to fixed with everything off online. arcade/trial i turn backgrounds on. is missing 5 fps gonna ruin the game for me? i mean, i suck at combos anyway, i’m hoping the medium character model setting comes back, its an extra 5fps and not really noticable to me.

my current aim to get 1000 points online, which i think is the level of non noobness maybe? atm i have about 450pp and i’m trying to clear medium mode using only jabs, throws and ex combolinks since i hardly use them online. keep getting beat by ryu(i play sakura) on rival match. online people spamming fireballs caused me a bit of bother,evil ryu,sagat.

1000 points is still noob

This is a silly goal to have. Just this morning I played a guy who had 2500 PP and 1500 BP. He played Ken. Every round, he would jump :hk:, cr.:hk:, jump :hk:, cr.:hk: etc. etc. Your aim should be to feel comfortable and confident in your abilities, not to meet some arbitrary number that will display on your profile. Nobody cares about points; no one will be impressed that you have 1000 PP or BP (not trying to sound harsh here, it’s the truth). Poke around on the Newbie forums for tips to improve your play. Also check out the Sakura boards. There’s a lot of really useful information on here.

Also, as far as FPS is concerned, YES 5 FPS MATTER! Don’t take the attitude of “i suck at combos anyway”. How in the world will you ever improve if you’re artificially limited by your computer’s settings? Unless you’re a casual player who just wants to dick around, but if that’s the case, I doubt that you would be posting on SRK. This is a forum dedicated to players leveling up and improving their game.

thanks for the input. i can’t do anything about the 5fps unless they bring back medium models. anyway i’ve been cranking out the combo’s today. sometimes simple things don’t come out, basic special moves come out everytime but sometimes an ultra, for example sakura’s upward hadouken, just wouldn’t work when i was in training mode with a jumping opponent. i’m pretty sure the fps isnt to blame, sometimes i pull stuff off, sometimes i don’t because i am a noob. but theres so many vids online and i will practise and practise.

If you’re learning combos, an important thing to note is that you cannot cancel a normal if it was chained. To elaborate, I will use Chun-Li (since I know her best).

If you mash on cr.:lp:, it will rapid-fire. If you were to input :db: (charge), :db::lp::f::b::f::lk: fast enough, you can cancel the cr.:lp: into her Super. However, if you were to try to do cr.:lp: xx (cancel) cr.:lp: xx super, it wouldn’t work. You can cancel the cr.:lp: into itself, but if you do, you cannot cancel the next move into a super or special move.

I hope I actually helped and didn’t just add confusion n_n;