Low Crush Research

I wouldnt wast too much time trying to raw launch a move that can be blocked and punished.

Yeah that’s crouch roundhouse, all crouch normals are raw launchable. It doesn’t have to hit low, even crouch jabs and fierces will lose.

That’s true. Maybe you don’t want to lose grey life at that point yet with the 2013 nerfs. But we are on the subject of low crushing, so it is feasible for our situation here.

Low crush->Char B comes in, sweeps in 150-200 damage, end with another launcher and bring back char A for Oki for free.

Blanka’s electricity, all versions.

For Kuma, everything attack he does in Hunting Stance except for Big Tree (F+MP), all eat launchers and Feral Crouch will duck under them.

Asuka - All versions of Sweep Throw

I just did some testing with this. All of the following count as crouching attacks:

Change of Direction > Second Low (236P > K)
Change of Direction > Finish Mid (236P > P_K > P)
Change of Direction > Finish Low (236P > P_K > K)

Tsuwabaki (6MP)
Leg Cutter 1st-3rd hit (3HK (> 3HK (> 3HK)))
Hyakujitsuko (5MK > 2MP)
Whiplash Sacred Blade (6MK > 2MK or 4MP > 2MK)

Pound Cake (623P > P)
Spinner Ball (41236K)
Panini Flip (41236K > 2K)
Granchi Cannon (623K > LP+MP)
Apres Sweep (623K > LK)
Cutting Coppa (623K > LK > LP+MP)

Hooligan Combination > Razor’s Edge Slicer (12369P > no input)

Double Zoom Straight (6HP)

Eisho Mon (6MP)
Jichinsai (4LK)
Hammer Punch (4LP)
Muso Kageki (6LP > HP)

Sazan (3MK)
Neck Breaker (41236P)

Right Roundhouse Punch (6523 > MP)
Swaying Willow (2KK > MP_HP)
Right Sweep (2KK > MK_HK)

Fuhajin release (236[K] > K)

Baiyuan Sanshou (5LP > 4MP > LP > LP)
Trickling Stream (4MP > LP)
Slow Power Punch (6MP)
Slow Power Punch to Low Kick (6MP > LK)
Wind Roll Explosion 1st Hit (41236K > 2K)

Rising Sun MK/HK/EX low hits (214K)
Sweep (214KK > 2K)
Spinning Demon (6523 > K (> K))

Sway MP (214MP)

Guard Cancel
Kissed by a Goddess (623K)

Alter Ego LK/HK/LK+MK/MK+HK (236K)

Spin Low Hook (5HK > 2MP_HP)

5MP (far)
Double Map Sweep (AOP K)

Flea to Sling Headbutt (FLE K)

Long Kick (3HK)

Beautiful work.

Reformatted OP.

I tested Fuhajin Release (at least the LK version), and it’s impossible to launch. I tried it with both Juri and Ryu.

Xiaoyu’s Double Map Sweep hurtbox is so low that the launcher will only whiff at best and you’ll only get hit by her follow-up kicks. Unless your launcher also hits low it would be impossible to raw launch it.

Not all low attacks are launchable. Lili’s Feisty Rabbit to Rabbit’s Foot will only whiff when launched.

Some of Ninas strings can be launched.

Creeping snake to left low uppercut
Creeping snake to Left low high kick

3rd hit, hits low and is not a true blockstring on both.

Raw launching Kuma’s Break’n (Primal Stance, :b::hp:) a catch, as shown here:


As we can see his Break’n has armor properties, which might render some launchers useless when used too close. It would be better then to raw launch it at a good distance. Perhaps only Jin’s launcher is capable of raw launching it at point blank since his launcher hits twice. Maybe Kuma’s other Primal Stance moves have armor properties? Sorry I only managed to test this move, as I’m getting sleepy already. :sleep:

Oh yeah, this is version 1.02 so I might not know if the armor property has been removed in the recent patches. If it is please let me know. Thanks.

Just a typo heads up, for Christie is called “Double Arm STINGER” so that people don’t get confused.

Also, you meant “MINUS” not “MINIS”…again, so people don’t get confused. Her Wheel Kicks can definitely NOT be raw launched.

But, good job putting this stuff together. This thread should get stickied.

SRK pls


Alisas standing Light

Law: forward MP (overhead).

Note: Tested it with Jack X and Cody as “launchers”. Both raw launches would trade at times so I’m rather unsure (= hit launcher too late or early?).

You’d want to raw launch his Slide, blocking and punishing only works if he does it too close. If it’s done from range were it can tick into TC, it’s hard to punish, and not recommended.

@Shooting Star Rockman
Break’n has armor properties from 1-42 frames, in 2013 it’s going to have armor for 1-20 frames, so you’ll probably be able to punish it the longer its out.

I think this would be really good when you’re low on health.

I think guy’s run slide can be crushed too.

That sounds more like the launcher is counter hitting the overhead since it’s pretty slow.

Now you mentioned that, I think you’re right. I always got a counter message when I did the launcher. However, I mostly ended up with a sort of raw launch, since I could do a follow-up combo.

But if it’s a true low crush? Not really then. :slight_smile:

BUMP for Ver.2013/1.08 findings.