"Low dexterity required" characters?

I have a motor skills condition that hinders my ability to use some of the cast (like Chun-Li) because of how much physical skill it actually takes. I was wondering if anybody could list me some characters that don’t take as much dexterity to use.

I haven’t played UMVC3 but I used to love MVC3 so other people can correct me if I’m wrong.
[*]Ryu, Sentinel, Morrigan, Arthur in my opinion are fairly low in dexterity if you play with simplicity

Anyone Viscant uses

Hulk, Ryu, Wesker, Wolverine, Spencer.

Sentinel has fly/unfly stuff but for the most part he’s kinda easy I guess. Hard to win with against decent players though.

Anyone without a double/triple jump or flycancel is generally a low dexterity character

Well, it may be looked down upon, but if you really do have a condition maybe you should use the simple mode controller setting. I’m not sure how it works, but I understand some people use it to some success. Others have said that it leaves little room for improvement, though.

Simple is horrible, it’s not even playing anymore.

Yea, I’d probably seppuku before going simple mode. Thank you everyone for your suggestions so far, Ryu does look like a good option for me.

Wolverine and Wesker definitely (I play them both). Then just play an easy assist for Wolverine in the middle spot like Akuma.


Nemesis and Dormammu can do good damage with simple magic series -> air magic series -> otg xx super. Dormammu has useful tri jump stuff that requires good dexterity but you don’t need it. Frank West looks really straight forward too.

Nova’s not too bad, I’ll admit execution isn’t one of my strong points but Nova is kinda easy for me at least.

Wolverine/Akuma/Wesker may be the team for you.

What? Morrigan is definitely not a low-dexterity character. Not like online Ryu low-dexterity anyway. (ABCS BBCS Tatsu xx DOOOOUUUUKEN)

Wesker and Wolverine.

Hulk, nemesis, akuma, deadpool, Wesker, Wolverine. Franck West isnt that high. Nova (even his simple relaunch combo does around 700k dmg with assist). Sentinel. Dormamu can be pretty low dexterity.
Dark phoenix too.
Spencer doesnt requiert shoryuken motion at all so it might be good too.
Ghost rider also low execution barrier.
Hawkeye too.

wesker… wesker, wesker, wesker…i think wesker. wait… wesker

play wesker on every team and your set

dont forget about wesker!

Captain America is pretty straight forward and effective, he’s pretty much as vanilla as characters come.

It’s the same with Ryu, he’s basically Ryu, if you’ve managed to play him in the 100 other titles he’s in, he’s pretty much the same: spam fireballs, punish jumps with dp, hurricane kick to crossover, punish the wake up with basic combos into a super.

Team Noel Brown v1.0 (Wolverine/Wesker/Akuma) is pretty good. or Wolverine/Akuma/Wesker if you like making people angry with XF4 Wesker.

Adding to that IMO: Haggar, Spencer, Dormammu, Nemesis, and maybe Vergil all have a strong low execution game with room improve if your hands cooperate