Low,forward,round house - Karakus.Obvious differences and places to use short & such?

So far i have always ALWAYS used RH karakusa, anything else seems silly. But then again, i am pretty damn oblivious to the others, so heres my question realy. Can short karakusa Grab any move or out prioritize any specials in perticular which RH cant? Like, does it outprioritize ordinary throws? other peoples short/low ? Any moves thats obviously outmatched by short karakusa but not by RH karakusa?

PS: i know there are a whole shitloads of moves and i dont expect you to explain every single one, but the 4-5 most used moves which its useable against is greatly appreciated.

And also if its something against Kens or Yuns for that matter ^_~.

1- no
2- no… it can tech other throws… but… yeah
3- huh?
4- no

THROWS DONT HAVE “PRIORITY” you either grab them because there’s nothing out that can hit you or you get hit?

i guess if you’re tick-throwing or something, short is better to use, because it comes out 1 or 2 frames faster than rh but… i cant give any specific examples.


I can give you examples of when I use the different grabs, but not really specific moves to use it against…

Short Karakusa
-after you hit with st.sh/low short xx jab hayate (sometimes you’re not in range for it though after the low short xx hayate)
-anything parried close that’s not cancelled
-after a close jab tick throw setup
-dash in -> sh.karakusa
-on your wakeup, or when pressuring another character’s wakeup (whiff something/do nothing)
-after parrying Yun’s shoulder or overhead kick, but not the hop punch
-jumping mk hit or block

Forward Karakusa
-close st.strong tick setup
-close cr.forward tick setup
-close cr.short tick setup
-jab tick depending on range
-this is very risky, but if anticipating a Ken low forward that’s a bit inside its max range, Ken’s low forward will kara himself into your grab if timed right.
-st.short xx hayate -> cancel -> forward grab. Can do sh.karakusa, but forward seems better to me, especially for dexterity reasons. This is a sneaky setup I use fairly often that has a lot of success.
-close uoh
-on Ken, if he rolls a normal throw, instant uoh asap, will whiff, grab (timing is real tight on the uoh, if too slow, will hit REALLY meaty, in which case you can link a st.short)

Roundhouse Karakusa
-from st.short kara
-really probably the only time to use RH grab in a normal situation when another one wouldn’t be better
-when parrying divekicks, if you want to grab, it’s probably best to use this by default, unless you’re really watching some ranges
-if you hit with a deep jumping fierce/rh and really want a grab, you can rh.karakusa with a slight delay right upon landing and grab them right when they recover (of course grab used can vary with how late the fierce/rh hits, vs. what character, and how long of a delay you use)

Some of this is just general as it will vary depending on when the hits occur, what character you’re hitting, what move you’ve parried, and the distance you are when parrying it. Just try to always remember short karakusa is the quickest, but has the least amount of range, and rh karakusa takes the longest, but has the greatest range. If I have a question as to which one to use, I usually go with the forward grab by default.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, im back to square 1 then:P like i said i have been using the RH karakusa sine, well whiffing a karakusa due to the fact that you used the wrong button is sooo bad for my HP bar, and lets not forget my confidence:P

Thanks for the help thou Cajun