Low FPS with League of legends

Ok so here are my specs…

Processor Intel Core Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHZ 2.40GHz
Ram 4.00GB
System: Windows 7 32bit
Video card: GeForce 9500 GT

I dont know why i cant put my settings to “High” because my FPS now drops to 25 max…doesnt even go up when i lower them, or i have to put everything dumb low for it to run “ok” smooth,
before i updated to windows 7 it was 45 and 60fps. my cousings comp runs it at 80 fps. We have the same monitor, same video resolution settings for the game only differences are some of his comp specs which are:

Intel Core Duo 2
Ram 2g
System windows XP
Vid card: ATI Radion HD 4670

and his game is running really smooth, note that he is running other programs and im not running anything, its not even using up much of my CPU so i dont get it…i updated drivers and everyhting and still…
Please help, and thanks in advance!

League of Legends is made by a couple pseudo important people that don’t really know what they are doing… My suggestion if you like the genre is either stick to DotA or play Heroes of Newerth. If you need a beta key for HoN send me a pm. Your computer is far above what is needed to run league of legends on high graphics its just so poorly made… yea

he asked y doesnt he get high fps, not convince him to play hon or dota lol

The answer is simple. You upgraded from Windows XP which had support up to DirectX 9 to Windows 7 which has support up to Direct X 11.

What’s most likely happening is that the game detects that you now have Windows 7 supporting up to DX 11 and it’s utilizing your 9500GT’s DX 10 features. While you may not see much of a difference graphically (usually more graphically demanding shaders), DX10 is overall much more demanding to the video card GPU. Your video card isn’t very robust or advanced, so this extra demand on your GPU is making noticeable performance differences.

I’ve never played the game but you need to find a way to set the game back to DX9 and you will most likely see the same performance you had before you upgraded your operating system.


If I’m in any way shape or form wrong, check that you have the latest supported drivers for windows 7 from nvidia.com.

y not just upgrade to direct x 11? instead of tryin to set the game back to 9?

What direct x version you can use is dependent on your video card hardware and operating system.

Windows 7 installs dx11 but you need to have hardware that supports it to use it. In his case he has a dx10 capable card meaning he can only use up to dx10. However, his video card really isn’t that robust and top on the fact that most games don’t even utilize dx10 properly and just slow the game down, he would be better off just making the game run under dx9.

Where can i find Dx11 then? any direct links to where i can DL it? i googled it and tried to find it in my microsoft updates available for me atm n didnt c anythn but language packages lol also i checkd and i got Dx10 i blieve also i think theres 2 kinds of donloads 1 had sumthn bout sum SDK and the other cant remember…lol which 1 is it?

That’s kinda not the case. For a start LoL is only DirectX 9 therefore it runs in DirectX 9 regardless of if you’re running a DX9 card or a DX11 card. Second of all, it doesn’t work like you’ve explained. You say “if you’re now running DX10 you get less fps”, that’s not how it works. DirectX is an API that doesn’t explicitly let developers add any features that make games look better. What DirectX revisions do is greatly increase the effeciency which then indrectly lets the developers make the games look better.

Your problem may well be related to Windows 7 but not due to what gl0ry has said. Make a post on the LoL forums, the riot staff are generally pretty helpful.

I’d blame it to the game having some bad coding. My video card is similar to yours and I haven’t encountered any performance issues whatsover.

i have a 5850 and i dont even get max fps… all my other games run just fine, so its bound to be something in the game itself, or some configuration ive yet to find. i think a friend of mine also has this issue.

I’m not sure what’s causing the low FPS. I have an 8800GT and I consistently get over 60 FPS in LoL. Like Glory said since you just upgraded to Win7 you should probably get the latest drivers from Here

That is exactly how it works. Almost every single game out there with multiple dx version support show this trend.

I’ll make my argument by giving you examples of recent games and just for reference I have an HD 5870.

Aliens vs. Predator, Bad Company 2, Crysis/Crysis Warhead, Metro 2033 are amongst some of the games I’ve played that fit into this category. They all run monumentally better under dx9 rather than dx10/11 (I’m talking 10-40fps, sometimes even greater in difference). The sad thing is that graphically they almost look identical. here is some comparisons I made for bad company 2 with my gtx 275 a few weeks ago.


I understand how DX works. The thing about it in terms of most modern games is that it’s essentially just used as marketing prpoganda. People talk about DX 10 which brought in better shaders and dx11 with tesellation like it’s a god send… that shit is a huge performance decrease to the max and doesn’t even make much of a difference in the games I’ve played. (check the link for more proof)

LoL isn’t an old game. I assumed it at least supported DX10, but you can use my methodology in most modern games. I don’t know of any game that runs better under dx10/11 than their counterpart dx9. I take dx10/11 over 9 simply because I have a great videocard that can still push out great fps even after taking the performance hit.