Low health is making the game boring and anti-climatic


it’s makes matches feel less exciting. you don’t get to see the characters play a back and forth tug of war game because they die so quickly. watching the spooky matches of wong and others was anti-climatic. there’s not much to talk about when simple combos can kill. the ONLY things that should be doing real damage are hypers. I want to see those epic CvS2 battles in marvel form.


I respectfully disagree.


care to explain?


Sounds to me that you’re looking at this from a spectator’s POV. When I play the game I find I need to constantly stay on my toes BECAUSE I die so easily. It’s stressful, but it’s the good kind of stress, knowing things go either way if you’re not playing your best.


The high damage keeps an entertaining stress to the fight. Knowing any hit could mean the death of your character excites me. Because I find this fun while playing, I also find it fun to watch.


Ultimate strikes the right balance for me; no DHC glitch means that you have to burn lots of meter or an X-factor with powerful characters to get ToDs, and you can’t gain that meter back in the same way the DHC glitch allowed you to.

And thank God Marvel isn’t like SSFIV where you deal barely any damage and can put up a strong defense easily.


losing 65-70% of health from a basic combo isn’t what I would call skill. more like random. it’s like being in a fist fight with someone that brought a gun with them. that’s not going to last long. I can understand that some people like having easier victories though.


So you want a game like SSF4 where everyone takes days to get beat?

Unless you’re playing a pixel, that usually doesn’t happen. I’m pretty sure Chun can barely break 40% against Thor with her basic combos with no meter and no assists.

Play characters with more vitality.


Oh wow go straight to be condescending. If you can’t be mature enough to handle people having a different opinion than you, why try to initiate a discussion?


Way too many dudes die randomly. I agree with him; keep the same amount of damage and make the minimum health 900 and the maximum 1,500 and the game would be pretty bomb.


This is “MAHVEL.” One of the key things about the game is the stress when playing from knowing that a single mistake can cost you a character.


I find the game and advantage momentum of the pendulum swinging back and fourth violently more exciting. And easier to cheer. A long big ass high damage combo to come from behind and win is like as exciting as American Football play where a ball carrier takes the ball 80 yards for a touchdown.

I find a match like Guile vs. Dhalsim with the back and fourth tug of war of positioning less exciting, even if it still is tense.

Maybe you should stick to AE.


casual fun is a good thing, but not when people are playing this game seriously. one hit-confim death combos? it might as well be bushido blade. yes I know the COD, Halo and gear generation has taken over, but if you’re getting THAT much damage now where’s the incentive to experiment damage? there’s no need for flashy combos. the basic do the job just fine. the ceiling is getting lower already?


don’t play SF. KO,F BB, AH, MK9 and GG




Well characters die completely less fast in this game even though they still die fast so it’s better than nothing.

CVS2 doesn’t really play much like this game any ways where it would matter. Mix ups in CVS2 aren’t as strong so the matches last longer since you’re basically forced to play footsies and can’t really enter spots quickly without grinding through a ground game for a long time. If CVS2 didn’t have guard crush matches would last forever in that game and people purposely get themselves hit just so they can save themselves from a guard crush any way.

In MVC3 even if the characters had more health people still just get opened up way faster when they get put in bad spots which would make the game less back and forth than say CVS2. I guess at that point it would get to something more like how MVC2 played but MVC3 is still going to be a high damage game either way especially with XF. They didn’t really nerf XF well enough IMO especially when you can still get access to XF level 3 even if you’re fighting 2 or 1 person. Watching XF3 tear through 2 people is still stupid and XF3 vs. XF3 is still mindless but what can you do.


[LEFT]I’d agree that in vanilla it really was a game of touch and go, usually followed by another touch [watch your hands wolverine!] but I find in ultimate its much less so. No more DHC glitch means ToD combos are more difficult and more meter intensive[which combined with the loss of meter gain makes so they’re actually losing sometihng to off the char instead of GAINING O_o] so there is a nicer balance to be found. So I think things are improving quite swimmingly even if CapCo makes you pay for it everytime.[/LEFT]


Off-topic: When will people learn that “climatic” is an adjectival form of “climate” and that the word they’re looking for is “climactic”? I don’t think that low health has anything to do with the weather.


unless you’re storm ^^


Your gonna have to explain that statement. It’s exactly like that, even if one guy brought a gun, you actually have one too. No match is over until its over, that isn’t true of SF4.