Low jab > mk. Ruffian kick

I see top Cody players do this every once in a while and I think to myself “there’s no way he’s hit confirming that, if it was blocked he’d get punished big time”

What am I missing

They are option-selecting cr.jab into MK ruffian in footsies. You probably just as often see Cody from 1.5 characters away whiff low jab, right? All those have MK ruffian inputted afterwards in case the jab hits.

Ah, that makes sense.

best example would be ryu’s c.mk xx hadoken buffering. if c.mk connects, hadoken comes out, if not, not. it’s a more tight with cody tho, but also more rewarding.

Is this usually fairly safe?

if done at a range where you will ONLY hit an extended limb, yes, pretty much. timing is rather strict tho, feels a little like plinking.

So what you’re saying is, this should not be used as a pseudo-frame trap, and more in situations where any connection is a guaranteed hit.

it’s by no means a frame trap. it’s a zoning tool. and yes, basically what you’ve said. imagin you’re within s.hk range and buffer c.lp xx mk ruffian. normally you’ll just do a whiff c.lp, but if your opponent pokes himself and you counter hit with your c.lp, mk ruffian will cancel the c.lp and hit the opponent.

Basically you do it if you don’t feel like you have enough time to get in range for your own pokes before your opponent can hit you with something, then that’s when you do it. If you watch any kind of match-up against Fei Long (even mirror matches) you see this kind of thing being done a lot. It’s also important in a match-up like against Makoto, since it’s very hard to react to a dash and much easier to just OS a MK Ruffian inside your jab to stop her from just dashing at you when you don’t have time to stop her with anything else.

I am a noob in street fighter so can someone tell me how you would do this option-select.

It was explained pretty well already, but all you do is input crouching :lp: then quickly input :qcf::mk:. Everything’s explained pretty well already by Infil and zUkUu.

I was confused because when I tried what they did the ruffian kick always comes out when cr.lp whiffs.

You don’t do it fast enough.

Need more of those and i mean not the character specific one but the zoning ones need to train them Like i need to train my incapacity to obtain a counterhit

works very good vs sagat, countering almost every poke.
if you input it too slow then the ruffian kick will come out after lp wiffing, so do it as fast as possible

I do this with cr. lk. is their any advantage with using cr. lp?

c.lp has a great (and better) hitbox and hits high, whereas c.lk hits low thus usually not hitting standing pokes, which you are trying to counter hit.

tho, there are instances where c.lk is obviously better.

I had this same problem with these types of option selects before. The trick for me was that I was getting negative edge when I let go of the button. So hold down MK for a bit. Don’t just tap it.

Thanks for answering that question. This might help might footsies be a little more effective now.

Damn all this time I have been fishing with c.lk.