Low jump hk into uppercut, how the hell do you link this?

i can’t combo this for some reason. is there a specific timing for this or does it only rarely work? any help would be helpful.

it takes precise timing.

I think it might only work on counter hit…

hm…I find this easy…since u can cancel the recovery of the low jump when on the ground with the DP. Maybe ur kick isn’t deep enough.

Yeah, this should be easy. You can cancel the recovery of a small jump with a special move, and tiger uppercut is wide anyway.

You must be doing the dragon command too slow, or perhaps as the other guy said, youre jumping from too far away.

once the kick hits you should do the tiger uppercutt motion be4 he even hits the ground.

I don’t know what to say…but this is easy as hell. There’s no real timing just press Roundhouse then Dragon immediately or even a half second after.

Without a counter hit you should be able to combo the uppercut on reaction to a landed low jump roundhouse. With a counter hit you have a good 10 years to combo the uppercut.

As you low jump RH, hold forward, when you land, do a fireball+Fierce, it should work just fine that way.

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