Low Jump ______ Into Super



I know low jump fk, qcb, hcf+p (level 3) works

Any others worth knowing?

Or any other useful things to do after a low jump and when i low jump what buttons should i be pressing besides hk?


Actually, they all work pretty well.

Use short, jab and strong (LK, LP and MP) for quick pokes.
Use forward and fierce (MK and HP) against big characters.
Use roundhouse (HK) for a 50/50 crossup.

If you’re pretty sure they’re going to stay on the ground (or you think it’ll combo), use the chain super (hcb, f+kick) since it does more damage. Also, the blackout super (f, hcf+p) is a little safer, since if they block it, it’ll push you back a little bit, where as her straight running slash super will leave you vulnerable on the other side.