Low/Mid Tier Tourney advice

Need some advice guys.
There’s a low/mid tier tourney that will be held in our local arcade this coming June and I was wondering if you guys could suggest any teams for me to practice on and eventually use in the tourney.

Survey says, most of the people will go with Megaman,Iceman,Commando.

Ironman was included in the list of banned characters (along with the God tiers and top).

So, any suggestions?
As of now, I’m planning to go with Jugs/Tron/Commando or Iceman,Sil Sam,Commando. Thanks!!

don’t forget about dahlsim, omega/doom, rouge, team steriods (juggs/hulk/collosus, this is prolly the best out of all the teams if high tier is banned). btw, morrigan/tron is NASTY lol

i think u need a list of who is banned cuz top tier is always being debated…are u sayin doom isn’t allowed, spiral, bh, etc…?

who exactly is banned? well, tiers below gods are not defined that well…

there’s a guy in my area who owns many top teams with Ruby Heart / Cable / Tron, there are no god players around but the comp level is very high (maybe there’s some people around the level of top players, but since we’re in Brazil, and Evo is way too far, we will never know… hehehe…)
he has a very good Megaman also… in this tourney he would destroy with Ruby Heart / Megaman / Tron… heheheh

I think Ruby is underrated because of this guy…

Cammy is the best rushdown char if Mags, Storm and the tops are not available… I’d use her for sure…

No, she isn’t. The best rushdown underneath Mags and Storm is Rogue. It’s not debatable. Watch any top Rogue player in action, you’ll see.

After Rogue, best rushdown would, IMO, be a tie between Cammy, Felicia, Psylocke, and the Wolverines. And possibly Morrigan. Each brings something slightly different to the table, so it would depend upon your playstyle. They all work well with Tron assist, though.

And yeah, post up who is banned.

whoa! too true! forgot about her… sorry, you’re damn right

Jill, Jugg, tron = too cheap jump in Fp, Lp, crouching FK trip and jugg same time call zombie.
if they don’t roll you can off the ground if they do roll they run into zombie which you can launch magic series super.


try it…

Doom is top tier.

So you cant use him.

Omega red is questionable. He should be top tier if he isnt.

here’s the list


10)Ironman <------ huh?

I personally don’t agree with em banning Iron Man because I still consider him a mid tier character (he dies badly to Cable/Sent/Commando in most videos I’ve seen).

Anyway, I really appreciate the inputs.
I’m interested in the following characters

1)Omega Red

I’ve gotten a couple of wins using Bbhood/Juggs/Ryu by the way, thanks to the THC. Still practicing my Sil Sam tactics.

too tired to put together a team that works well but i’ll give a couple character suggestions…
guile is one o my fave characters… hes good defensively, hes got nice combos ex/ launch, magic, super… or connect his ground supers off c.lk… his aa assist isnt bad either…
if u think ur bbhood is good, use her… i think shes ridiculously underrated (at least where i play) and she does mad chip with that hunting super or watever its called…
cammy is nice… i personally dont think she has that many options, basically get in and do the b&b air combo…
stares at list… wait! i got it! play mega man and commando! ever seen/played this team? its anti-rushdown… just use the mega buster (in case u didnt know u can get 2 shots on screen at a time, in air and ground) and commando when they get close… i can give u more details on that if u want… if u feel really crazy i use jin with that team (aa assist) but if im being honest with myself hes kinda sucky… but he does have a nice assist and that vulcan glitch…
as for the characters listed, i dont really know much… omega red looks sick in some ppls hands, never seen a good hulk, and rogue rushdown is supposed to b nice (kinda workin on that one myself now)…
hope some o this is helpful… kinda tired so i dunno if its even coherent…

[edit] reread post and realized that u were prob more interested in the 3 characters listed… sorry if i didnt really help, just puttin more ideas out there for u…

here’s the list

I had a low tier team of Omega Red thow/Iceman bal/Hulk dash team. I averaged 7 wins with this team at a local arcade. Hulk’s pretty fun to use with his dash assist. It’s a free coil for Omega red if it hits or if they block and try to attack Hulk while he’s taunting. Or Hulk/Juggz/random big person like Gief, Colossus, Tron, even Jin is fun too. That pair doesn’t really need Sent or Cable.

For Silversam, I had Guile aa/spidey proj/Silversam ground or proj. I’ve done mad comebacks by hitting sonic hurricane then dhc’ing into ramaiken. Be sure to mash like crazy.

I’ve pretty much done well only in casual play with low tiers and not in high competitive play. I only used team scrub once, actually beat a good player but then lost to him when he chose Magz/Ironman/Doom. My Sent and Cable sux. My doom’s not that great either.:lol:

Juggs/Jin/Hulk <---- Is the team I use occasionally. Jin’s anti-air assist will blow off anybody that’s crowding your space, so that you have time to mount an offense. Or you can use his expansion assist along with Juggy. If you’re patient and catch a person with the expansion assist, headcrush with Juggernaut. I haven’t done it in a while, but I believe it’ll be easy to obtain 8 hits because your opponent will already be in the air because of Jin’s typhoon attack. I’m no good with Hulk, but I use him mainly to punish a person who calls out assists a lot. Just wait for a good oppurtunity then Gamma charge and go right into a Gamma Quake. That usually takes a good amount off of the assisting character’s health. Of course, the ultimate form of assist punishing for me is using Juggernaut’s dash assist.:cool: Oh yeah, don’t forget to glitch Juggy at the start.:slight_smile: You’ll have your opponents and the people watching you play saying “Oh shit!”. Goddamn I love Juggernaut.:lol:

Well, now that you’ve posted the list, I’ll really give some input.

First of all, Tron assist. After Sent-y, Tron-y is just about the most widely usable assist in the game. Much like Sent’s drones, almost any character can find some way to put Tron into a combo for tons of free damage. If you are going to use a rushdown character, definitely throw Tron in there as well. Even if you aren’t going rushdown, Tron is still something to consider.

Secondly, pick your anti-air well, if you use one. Different AAs fit different teams better. Psy, Cammy, or SonSon (or Cyke, but he’s banned) work best with rushdown. CapCom is one of the most generically useful. Jin is best for keepaway or steroids, but also remember that he’s a bit less abusable than the others. And don’t forgot about Ken and his invulnerability either.

Lastly, good cover assists. Unfortunately, most of these are in the Top Tier. Stuff like Storm projectile, Sent-y, or Doom rocks. In the lower tiers, the selection is slimmer and weaker. Charlie’s projectile assist is nice and slow, but is so high that some of the really short characters stand under it, and it’s only one hit. B. B. Hood also has a fairly nice one, and it’s quite similar to Charlie’s. It’s nice and slow, and stays lower to the ground. But IIRC it isn’t full screen, and it’s still only one hit. MegaMan actually has a pretty good projectile assist, and he’s quite good on point. His PROJ hits twice, breaks super armor, and doesn’t require much cover. Also, Gambit has a pretty good one, as it’s fast, invisible, requires little cover, and pins the opponent temporarily. But, it’s still only one hit. Anyway, Gambit or MM are probably your best bets.

As for point characters…
Good rushdown:
Wolverine (either)

Good keepaway:

Others worth mention:
Omega Red
War Machine (ghetto IM)
Steroids (Colossus, Juggy, Hulk)

Check some of the character-specific sections for certain people. Just be suer to practice, and also try to have a few different types of teams ready, so that if someone can beat your best rushdown, you can always try keepaway, or vice-versa.

Treat a low tier team with the same respect and seriousness as you would your best high tier team. They’re harder to play effectively…

But they can be done. And a master of any character is a tough opponent to deal with… especially one you’re unfamiliar with. A lot of people fall for completely noobish things once or twice if they’ve never seen it before… It can win you matches.

Additionally, I shouldn’t have to say it… but come tourney day, if you see a team that looks ridiculous, don’t underestimate it. The most random looking team can sometimes turn out to have a winning combination or strategy, so be careful.

Check out the forums, of course, and practice like a mofo.

Tron Jon

Try out Silver Samurai w/ Psylocke AA. Anytime they drop an assist near you, counter call Psylocke & do qcf+kk, mash her out again after the super (uncombo) into qcf+kk again to kill an assist for 2 levels.

Morrigan/Tron-Y is pretty sick too. Throw into Tron-Y does massive damage, and Morri can set up the throw by doing her character specific infinite on any character.

Honestly though, I’d go with something you know. You’re going to be better using characters you are used to.

Sakura’s shouken assist and Jin’s expansion both combo beautifully into Silsam’s Rameiken, especially on cross up,and have the nice property of being incredibly high priority. I believe Sak’s is even a projectile canceller. Sak can DHC into the ramieken off of her normal hadoken super, and if it’s called right, do incredible damage.

Silsam’s got decent chip, too, and his shurikens are directable, if you end up giving him a try. He’s not fast, but he hurts.

Tron Jon

also, Ice power up x3 transform him into a monster!

hehehe not that useful, but really cool

He’s got the most chip in the game. Meter for meter, he outchips even Strider & Cyclops.

Of course, w/o Doom-B or Spiral-A, it’s a bit harder to chip, but you could still run him with Iceman or Juggernaut ground for some safe chip chains. He would be tiered w/ Doom & Spiral if he could actually build meter, IMO.

Big thanks guys!

Your suggestions have really helped me a lot.
Honestly, I’m one of the few players who use Tron frequently here in our local arcade. Her Medium punch to Lunch Rush super is a decent combo IMHO.

Tron Jon : Thanks for the Sil Sam tips. Been experimenting with Sil Sam/Iceman/Commando team. Doing great so far. :slight_smile:
You’re right in saying not to underestimate weird or unfamiliar teams. I went with my Juggs/BbHood/Ryu team a week ago and got 6 wins… 2 of which were against Cable/Storm/Commando and Mags/Cable/Doom. Bbhood’s c+lk,lk,f+fp xx THC combo rocks!!! :slight_smile:

By the way, this may sound noobish but what does RTSD stand for? I’m not familiar with that abbreviation.

Still looking for some low tier match videos of Dhalsim. Any of you have a suggestion? And though this is kinda out of the topic, can you guys tell me where I could get a video or learn the exact steps in performing Storm’s infinite? Thanks!!!

That DHC does hurt, massively. Especially if Jugg is glitched.

Tron Bonne, I think, can manage closely equivalent chip, but not via super meter. You have to mash like mad, but it can be done. When it’s come down to my Tron vs. my friend’s Silsam… When it comes down to the wire, it becomes the ghettoest game of keepaway in the world, because one blocked hit can mean enough chip to end the game.

And I’m still retarded when it comes to using the TK rushdown correctly. I’m still amazed at how much more I have to learn about using and abusing Tron.

BTW, RTSD = Rush That Sh*t Down.

Tron Jon