Low parry, crouching mk,lp srk

How do u do:

low parry, crouching mk,lp srk?

Can u write the command in the num keyword notation? (ex: hcf=41236)

I get many times a crappy hadoken instead of the srk.

2 (parry), then 62 mk 36 lp

i dont move partition at all, i even do c.lk, c.lk xx 236236+k because i refuse that you can learn yourself to everytime do that…

i do play on a japanese stick my trusty DC stick so i just let go, and then make a fast srk motion…

there’s a difference between c.lk x2 super and parry->low forward upper…

i know, but i was just trying to say move partitioning is evil :0


well …to explain the difference … there is no move partitioning necessary for shortshort super… because there is no special move that uses fb motion with kick.

low parry into cr.mk into upper is quite the opposite, hence the move partition.

im with doom on this one

for c.SK c.JP c.SK xx shippuujinrai, i use
2.SK 2.[JP] 362.[SK] 36.RK.
(c.SK, c.JP (hold JP) qcf c.SK (hold SK) qcf RK)

i can’t do quick motions :(. well i can but this is more consistent for me.

but parry into c.FK xx dp would just be
2 2.FK 623.JP

shut up

I think he means this: ©short, (neutral) , d+short, df, f, qcf+K

For some people it’s easier to use the qcf when you do the second short for a better execution but like you said there is no need for this because Ken doesn’t have any fireball moves with kicks.

Personally, I find training your reflexes to do a double qcf after a ©lk much more practical than this.


glass: There is no need to hold sk because there is no negative edge at the end of that combo.

actually i could just release SK at the end of the second qcf without tapping RK, or release SK as i tap RK for 3 inputs to the shippuujinrai. it’s just something i got used to :o