Low Ranked Players That Are Obnoxiously Good

Currently, my rank on UMVC3 is 9th Ranger. It’s not too high up there, but I’m still a work in progress. As a member of this rank…I expect to fight people of the same caliber, and have an equal match of skill and progression.

Recently however, I’ve been noticing more and more that certain low ranked players, are extraneously good, that it’s blatantly obvious they shouldn’t be that rank. I always seem to come across people with ridiculously low losses, or incredibly long win streaks, at the rank of Fighter or Rookie. These people, when played against, know extremely effective, incredibly well timed, and hard to pull off
combos/mixups. Not only that, they have the most tactical teams- know the backbone of every characters’ moves, and how to punish it…it was impressive to say the least.

Unfortunately…I have a hard time taking in the idea that someone who just started playing online is already this intensely good. I really don’t like fighting these people, they gloat so badly after the match, that it just makes me feel so bad that they can’t fight someone on their own level. I play this game for fun, I actually enjoy having good matches…I understand that these players probably fly up the ranks to where they belong but, why aren’t they in the first place?

That said, the purpose of this thread is because I want to know exactly why these players are low ranked and how they are so good. I’ve had this theory that higher ranked players somehow manage to reset their ranks, in order to restart again and amend their Win/Loss ratio, I would like to know if I have some sort of credit/truth to my theory, if anybody else has noticed this, or if someone can supply an answer to the questions I stated earlier.

Ummm didn’t you know ranks online usually don’t mean shit? They could just never play ranked cause ranked in most games is ass. Plus these guys who are low ranked probably have a local scene so, they don’t have to play online all that often.

Rank doesn’t matter. They probably play offline then hop online every once in a while.

Perspective for you:

Every Cosmic Lord from vanilla started again in Ultimate at the “Amateur” rank.

If you play only in Player Matches and Lobbies, you will not rank up. You will still gain actual game experience.

Combofiend, widely considered to be one of the best UMVC3 players in the world, has said he’s played less than a dozen games online, total.

Can’t you reset your online records? I know I’m able to do it on UMVC3 on the PS3 without even using a new account or anything.

Basically, yes. Ranked online (Unless your near 1st lord) it doesn’t matter match. Most players just play for player matches. Including myself.

I’m one of these people actually, but it’s because I’ve only played something like 20 ranked matches online. In online I almost always play in player matches/lobbies. I really only played ranked just to get the green 9nth lord picture instead of that ugly brown fighter.

Actually its a combination of all of those things, but I feel it has more to do with the fact that you can erase your online stats now. Simply going to options you can wipe your stats clean and you start at 0-0

I used to always play ranked in vanilla, but not anymore. It’s a waste of time, and all the so called “good” players up around 4th-Cosmic are just spammers taking advantage of input delays. For what you are seeking, player matches are the way to go. There’s no wait between matches, and the competition there just seems better to me with a wide selection of characters and strategies instead of the usual Dark Wesker/LOLurobous/bad connections.

Whoa whoa whoa…wait a second. You mean rank doesn’t actually display a players true skill??? NO WAI!!!

It’s not uncommon to see people in fighters that spent a lot of time offline until they get to a comfortable position with their team and combo execution before they go online. It’s somewhat important too since online is flawed and unforgiving. It’s also not uncommon in any online game for people to make new accounts just to see how fast they can rank up or to try to dominate low ranked players.

But the obvious “rank doesn’t matter” thing applies most.

When this game first started I thought I would be one of the only one to do that… that was stupid.

This is the main issue. More or less. People either want either wins of a “godlike” record so they reset their record frequently. Amusingly enough doing so doesn’t reset your win streak, i.e. I’ve run into people who have a win streak that is larger than their total # of matches played. It also, obnoxiously enough, appears to reset their journey towards a ragequit badge.

not always true, there ARE people online that care about there win / loss ratio. UMVC3 you can reset your records. The people reseting there records are the ones who care. And guess what, there is alot of them. I can care less about mine but as of lately I have run into ALOT of people that are low rank like amature - 7th lord and they have like 80%-95% win percentage records. they are not all local tourny players who don’t often play online because I recognize many of there names who I know for a fact have been up there in rank but because they don’t like there ratio they reset it.

Wait…you can reset your record in ranked? WTF? Shouldn’t be able to do that…

Anyway i play nothing but ranked matches, except when friends are online. I feel when it comes to online, thats where most of the competition is. Whereas casual and or easily intimidated players(re: not good), will only do player matches as there is no score kept and thus no pressure.

lol nope. Most of the good players just do player matches or do the stream lobbies.

Not that everyone from player matches is bad or anything. However from my online experience, much more often than not, the casuals & less competitive types usually flock to player matches as there is no score kept or pressure to succeed.

Whereas the better players out there with something to prove, or just want to whip some ass, get on ranked. If i don’t have a lot of time to play, its usually the best bet get in some challenging match ups.

I have never played one online match, I’m a beginner. I dominate 3rd and 4th Lords in player matches. Not that I’m good or anything, because I’m not, but there is a lot of common sense incorporated in my game play.

I never said it was always true. Thats just most likely what happened. I know that there are people who care about it. I just mean rank does not equal skill.

That’s pretty much the exact opposite of my experiences with online fighting game play. The better players simply wanted more matches in a shorter period of time so they would selectively construct lobbies and due to the “winner stays” function would usually grind out hundreds of matches per session.

In my experience if someone is looking to prove something or just wants to whip some ass then they probably don’t fall under the umbrella of “better players”. My experience is that the really good players who can be assed to play online just want a high volume of matches against competent competition without having to deal with ragers, lag-switching, etc. which means that they tend to avoid ranked matches.