Low short Corkscrew?

am i missing something here? or is it just one of many mixups dudley uses? is this to counter parry-happy or people who love to block high? (empty jump in low short xx corkscrew blow)

i mean it looks pretty obvious why it’s used but i was just curious if i’m missing like an option select here or something, and if it’s pretty damn risky as it looks.


I don’t know what you’re really talking about, as low short xx SA3 seems risky as hell since it’s damn hard to confirm just one short.

Low short, low short xx super is just one of Dudley’s great mixups. Get em in the corner, then make them guess.

They go high? You go short short xx super.
They go low? You go overhead xx super.
They block? You throw and the guessing game starts over. Or do short short (blocked), then do UOH > SA3.

Bleh, that’s too much info lol.

empty jump in low short xx corkscrew blow.

shh dont tell people that combo. its too good.

it is risky, but it’s really just that good.

Yes, besides the fact that kokujin always manages to land this, can anyone explain why he does one short instead of two? Inquiring minds want to know!

yup this is exactly what i meant.

i didn’t mean low short low short, everyone knows about that. it was just that kokujin loved low short into corkscrew blow so much i was wondering if there was anything i was looking passed. but apparently there isn’t, it’s just pretty damn useful at high level when people are real busy paying attention to all his jump options. oh and a lot of the time from a distance low short low short xx corkscrew can miss too, where as in some situations low short xx corkscrew blow hits from like max range.

but i guess that’s all there is too it. ._.

low short corkscrew is an option to beat people that attempt to parry your jump ins. its a good alternative to jump in throw or jump in backswing blow.

Hmmm… Okay, thanks, that was the answer I was looking for. I’d have never thought of it that way, so thank you!

Thanks to MagnetoManiac about the distance thing too. Much appreciated.

I believe he does this as well as wiff jump fierce ex dp, as ways to just mind fuck the opponent when they hit.

When ever i land something like that the shift in the round goes so much to your favor. Its just that if it misses…your fucked. (No so much with a blocked SA3 depending on who your playing)

It could possibly have to do with the range as well (if talkin about rocket uppercut) as I’ve actually missed the super after my 2 low shorts connected. Grrr I hate Chun!

I think its a range thing. Sometimes, at certain ranges, against certain characters, I feel like I can hit one short on an opponent but not the second.

empty jump low short xx super is a punish for some things, Urien’s mp fireball for example.

using a whiff move in the air is a throw setup, Dudley’s throw game is sub-par, his anti-throw game is excellent(insert ssb, another jump, instead of the fancy ex upper). Try whiffing a j.mp above the opponents head(more effective against short/crouching characters). What if they wait-late throw? try short, short xx super or short xx super

I do 1 short to punish something quick, but you can tell spacing wise if you tried the usual 2 shorts the 2nd one will miss.

Thats the only practical way to hit confirm off of one crouch short, unless you are trying to style.

I heard of a trick that I think Aiku uses vs chun.

Whiff low short into jab version corkscrew. If she does something she’ll get hit with full super (COUNTERHIT!!). If not, she will only block the last hit or something of corkscrew and dud is safe.

The overhead that links into SA3, is it his f. hk, or is it his universal overhead (mp+mk)?

Both can be linked into SA3. The universal overhead (uoh) requires certain spacing (meaty, spacing, char. specific) however the f.hk only require to him them while crouching. Spacing shouldn’t matter when linking into SA3 as long as the initial f.hk overhead hit the opponent.

Spacing definitely matters for f+hk > super as it won’t combo if you hit the f+hk too far (anything outside of a “mid-range” f+hk won’t combo into super). This won’t matter most of the time since usually you’re in your opponents face when you go for f+hk.

Yes you’re right. I have actually no idea why I said that… o_O

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