Low Tatsu over fireballs



Hi everyone.
Just wonder if someone uses the low tatsu to pass over fireball. I’ve never seen anyone online or in videos doing it. In fact I just realised this can be done.
In training mode, versus ryu fastest fireball, I pass it like 1 for 15 try… I guess the timing is too short so nobody use this, but i think it could be a great tool.


I don’t think it’s worth the timing required. If you want to build some meter you could neutral jump the fireball and air-tatsu just before you land as a much easier option.


If you set a ryu dummy to throw fireballs in training mode, you can connect a hk tatsu from about 3/4 screen on reaction. I believe grounded tatsu is fireball invincible starting on the 7th frame of the move so it is a possible counter for a fireball. But at that range it’s kinda risky because if they didn’t throw a fireball you will be punished for sure. I have tried it in matched a bunch of times, but most of the time you will get counter hit by the fireball because you just didn’t get it out soon enough. If the OP throws a fireball right as the round is starting and you do a tatsu right as the round is starting, you almost always go through the fireball for a sweet opener!


not worth it


Ok, so we agree that the timing is too strict.
@colin savage: Sure, hk tatsu pass through fireballs (not all characters’s ones) and it’s a mind game to bet when to do it. Some good players surprised me when we throw fb at the same time, and then a tatsu right when I throw a 2nd FB, thinking we’re entering in a fb war…!
Also, if we talk more generaly on tatsu, I often use the lowest one to trick opponent.


Light tatsu has the same properties as the other tatsu’s. So the difference is duration. The duration is such that you cannot light tatsu over average projectiles. It is useful to light tatsu over EX sonic booms. The hitbox on a sonic boom may be the same as other fireballs, but it travels much faster, which makes it easier to pass over an EX sonic boom. It might be possible to light tatsu over other fast projectiles. It might be possible to pass over Sakura’s fireball with light tatsu, though I think it only looks smaller and probably has a normal fireball hitbox.

Something that many people do not understand is that you cannot tatsu over a fireball that is higher than the average fireball. For example, Gouken’s fireball and Seth’s fireballs.