Low tier challenge for xbl marvel...WHO GOT SUM?!?! arghhh


Ok so I guess Detroitwesside got the urge to delete all of his shit talk after we played that first to ten he wouldnt shut up about

after a quick 10-0 the thread is missing…

This is a fun thread to talk more sheet and if it gets closed who cares.

WHO ELSE WANT SUMMMM!?!>!?>(where you at viscant)


I love Marvel threads cuz they’re always SOOOO GDLK that they implode and get slahsed. So before that happens…


What character u use?


HAHAHHAHAHAH, fucking excellent Mixup. I knew this guy couldnt hack it.

Wow, I just tried to find that thread. . .what a bitch ass this kid is.


i picked rogue/ruby/collosus (capcom out of habit twice)

At the end of the set he was talkin about a no-assist challenge and shit

I <3 marvel

Knicks wont get past 10 wins UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Good shit, Mixup.



Oh that ruby beatodwn. Any videos?


I need to see videos.

With voice chat preferably.


Why does Detroit suck at everything they claim to be good at; games, cars, and stable economy.



Video of him losing to s scrub :slight_smile:


Look likes there were two scrubs who lost.


Lol DETROIT WESSIDE got hella salty and commented on the video.



GrannyMSP FTW!!!

WHO WONT SUMMMM ft10?!?!?!?!?

I dunno if he recorded the fights(they were mostly mashing from both players)


LOL @ thread missing.

Too good.


If only he was on PSN. We get no love on the PS triple.


:rofl: I was wondering what happened with the thread. I’m sure he’s never seen that inexpensive ruby ish before.


So…he says “low tier” teams, yet has Cable on it? :confused: Does not really compute…


Leave a PS3 lying around at Evo this year and no doubt he will be.


Another shit-talking scrub gets shut down by SRK. Good ish, Mixup.


this guy is a scrub, I’ve dumped all over his face 15-2 once. Then he tried telling me he was better than me because he trains with vdo\branten. He couldn’t even type a decent sentence, what made you guys think he was actually capable of playing marvel?

I knew this guy was gonna lose so I asked mixup to record it, however MIXUP NEVER RECORDS ANYTHING EVER :tdown:



if anyone seen the original thread, he has this clip of 2 black people going ape shit on a punching bag. Then he said something like, this is what we do to scrubs!

well, this is what FL does to detroit wesside


fuck outta here with your sorry ass.