Low tier challenge for xbl marvel...WHO GOT SUM?!?! arghhh


Shut the fuck up and go back to fuckin that hole that you carved in your Mattress you little IMP!.. The way you look you should NEVER lose a game to anybody… Shit you look like Hornswoggle!!!.. I know you aint gettin pussy or anything to keep you sidetrack from playin games you… and you still lose lmao… I bet you could drive Stewart Littles’s Car you bitchazz muthafucka.

one more again


Now shouldnt a fool who looks like this ALWAYS win… aint like he gettin pussy or anything to keep him sidetracked!.. and he still weak!



All I’m reading from the two above comments is the following:

“Ahh, ahh, I’m too scared to play these guys, so I’ll just toss out a disparaging comment to attempt to hide the fear.” <- Sandy Crotch


haha, talking about what other people look like

that’s you right? Where your friends at? besides tom. haha, here’s my advice to you

  1. put the crack pipe down
  2. go outside of your mamma’s basement
  3. talk to women besides your mamma. This might be hard for you because women don’t like crackheads or losers with no friends like you
  4. Make some friends besides the 1-2 crackhead bums who like you in this thread in this thread.
  5. get a job you worthless bum.


so I guess you are too afraid.

lol. that’s a casual match (learn 2 read dumbass) from like 2 years ago. that looked like my first tourney playing peeps from outta state and peeps from the chi crew…even when I was still learning.

as far as we are concerned…you don’t beat VDO. it’s all talk. and you can’t beat mixup…and you’re too afraid to play me (lol at block…)


Oh yeah, and if lodown does believe that he can beat VDO for free, then playing BeaTS (who lost to VDO (two years ago)) shouldn’t be a big deal…



he’s just lying to himself. he can’t beat VDO (maybe he got a win on him some odd years ago) and I beasted lowdown last time we played. why do you think he blocked me? why do you think he keeps bringing up stupid shit in his posts. he don’t want any of this.



  • [media=youtube]vu00xKxpcCs#t=1m39s[/media]



Who admits to getting raped by a midget?


Sandy forgot me today. so silly desu~


i can press buttons with bb/jugg too

am i special yet


All I have to say is “Adonis ThaGod” and “LODOWNMUTHAFUC” are some dick-riding chumps. You two be gobbling each others balls 3 meals a day.


Duh. What hoes do you think those nerds are pulling? They only pull each others cocks. LODOWN is called LODOWN for a reason.


Marvel hasn’t seen this much excitement since Duc Do was scamming people outta money, or Dark Prince talking shit about East Coast. I gotta hand it to Michigan, they sure make these forums interesting to read again…

Oh, I honestly think this is one big troll lmao…online marvel is serious bizness.


Cheerlead? I’ll play any of you chumps anytime through the Nerd wormhole whenever. You see my gamer tag, that’s how you can find me. And VDO lost about 20 - 2 last time they played. It was actually pretty embarrassing. Like I said, he’s the shit when he’s out of state. But when Superman is on Krypton, he’s a normal human being, thanks.


Oh God that shit is funny

Asian Nigga: "Take him to Detroit"
White Guy:“No!! Not Detroit, Anywhere but that"
Bodyguards: *Drags the white dude away”

Get hype for dem food stamps!


uhhhh, what? Look, you need to put the crack pipe down as well. Adonis tha god? More like adonis the crackhead jit dancer from detroit [media=youtube]ys4uEI2WT74[/media]


You two aren’t hard!!! You like making crackhead dance rourtines in your parent’s basement. Do me a favor, find Ian womack some friends on myspace. Preferably that aren’t crack head loser video game players like yourself. I bet if the two of you look really hard, you might be able to find ian womack a job too.

ian womack from detroit is lowdownmotha fuck
ian womack from detroit is a bad employee
if you know ian womack from detroit you should look in this thread
oh boy, it’s going to be hard for ian womack from detroit to get a real job, if this post comes up on google searches
i bet ian womack wants the moderators to delete this thread so real people don’t see it
i wonder if ian womack from detroit mamma knows about this thread
ian womack from detroit ian womack from detroit
lol if the moderators want me to delete this i will, but i’m just entertained by ian womack from detroit and ian womack’s crackhead friends


You need more ian womacks, I did a google search and didn’t get shit =(


Yah, there was definitely projection in the air that I was smelling…

lmaoaoaoaoa @ thread tags. government cheese…too good.


zzzzzzz… Mixup, my Mortgage is 1300 a month alone. Do you make that a month? Welfare? My house is bigger than you broke bums future. I seen mixup, little dirty weed addict who’s a known thief, and he has the nerve to put food stamps on this shit lol. Ahhhhhh… hahhahhaahhaha


fixed for ya buddy