Low tier challenge for xbl marvel...WHO GOT SUM?!?! arghhh


Wait, you’re bragging about how much money you owe? A mortgage is a big-ass loan that takes forever to pay off. That’s like “yo my credit bill is THE BOMB!”. :wtf:

Less talk, more Marvel.


I like Marvel.


Less talk about money, more talk about seeing the Mixup/mzenken/preppy runback, thanks.


hahah, that’s hilarious.

But i agree, less money talk more marvel. Someone needs to summon lowdown out of his mamma’s basement onto a computer with an internet connection. Someone please, these matches gotta go down soon.


I’d like to actually applaud you for being the only Detroit guy so far who hasn’t completely thrown VDO under the bus.

VDO’s got a ton of tricks. When he’s playing people that don’t know those tricks, it works a lot better. Much like Josh losing to one button kills: you haven’t see that before or don’t see that for a while, it works a lot better than against people you play against regularly and know your tricks.

People enjoy seeing the new and interesting things that VDO brings to the table. I don’t recall seeing anything new or interesting from many other Detroit people, but then again maybe I missed it.


naw i only make enough to travel about robbing people scaring black folks and making welfare jokes, If I fly, I usually walk afterwards.


LMAO this thread is STILL up!! hahahahha

Aight when I beat a KNOWN geek who’s “so-called” GOOD thats when ALL the excuses come… “oh it was lagging”… “oh that move only works online”… “oh he’s not used to playin with low tier”… lmao!!!.. so with that bein said imma whoop off on some otha muthafuckaz… i already dun PROVED my point… so imma pick a random muthafucka in here to fight… lets see who it will be…

Oh yeh to all my fans in here… check this shit out… this how i do muthafuckaz [media=youtube]q5rUGyldKUU#t=4m5s[/media]


The only thing you’ve proved, the tail in between your legs is permanent.

I understand that logic isnt your strong suite, avoiding good players by blocking proves one thing.

you’re the videogame equivalent of a GIANT PUSSY.


his bbhood isn’t even good =/


GAHDAYUM!!!..Will you get Josh’s Cock outta yo mouth… damn yo name should be SUPER THROAT!!!.. damn u givin him dome. I beat Josh360 ass now thaz it muthafucka… get over it, how many excuses you gone make for him… A ass whoopin is a ass whoppin, I WON and he LOST…ok… go grab some tissue… you can now gota bed without the pillow being wet from tears every night bitch… HE LOST… HE LOST… HE LOST… PERIOD

cock ridin muthafucka


Still want to see the Mixup/mzenken/preppy runback, thanks. Can’t really go calling yourself the best while dodging challengers.


i like turtles


Honda isn’t in MvC2, right?

LODOWN is acting like Honda w/ meter UITB.


U MAD!!! hahaha. Look…the only person who’s pillow is wet <no homo> is you. And your only fan is your mamma. You’re having an emotional melt down like your hero tyson PERIOD. it’s time for you to goto crack rehab before you bite somebodies ear off. lolz Nobody likes a crack head who tries to bite peoples ears.

I’d say this thread is a rap PERIOD RIP thread.


fakeaccounnt = Best SRK Poster of 2010?




It’s like beating somebody with Fool’s Mate in chess and then crowing about it.

I also don’t recall ever touting Josh as being the pinnacle of low tier or even experienced at all in any of the matchups. But that gets back to reading comprehension.

You seem to have an obsession with homosexual acts. I totally respect your sexual interests, but don’t know how that ties into anything else.


LMAO, this dude is hilarious, if I actually paid for my srk account, I woulda propped you about 5 pages ago, too good LMAO


Isn’t that how the US Government does it? Thanks.

Oh, and by the way, I was online for about 8 hours today, actively, didn’t get one message, invite or anything, ha.


er it’d work better if you had announced that before hand.

BTW good games in SFEX3 2-3 years ago lol


See this everybody… this FOOL stepped up and got dealt wit… like i said before, It ALWAYS takes that one fool in the little village to step up to the Alligator and get ATE!.. he got ATE! haaaa

You readin this shit Preppy… Josh is sayin that HE played EVERYONE on that cabinet with low tier… and WON. Now thats speakin like a man who knows what he’s doin with low tier… thats in his OWN WORDS lmao… now im waitin to see what kinda excuse your goin to come up with for his ass next… im waiting… yeh you really aint got nothing to say, the only thing you can prolly say is “dayum I wish JOSH360 didnt play WESSIDE”… or… “WESSIDE you were wrong for beating JOSH360 like that”… well if im wrong then i dont wanna be right… I WHOOPED THAT AZZ!! HAHAAA… i’ll be wrong foreva then.

Oh Preppy I ALREADY KNEW your a geek so i didnt aspect you to know what “Cock Riding”… “Super Throat”… “Giving Dome” etc meant… oh dnt worry i already knew you didnt know you goof.

Preppy = http://www.mtv.com/onair/beavisandbutthead/personality_images/relaunch_crops/281x211_driessen.jpg