Low tier challenge for xbl marvel...WHO GOT SUM?!?! arghhh


no! Just no. You have to pay your debt back or you go back to living with your mamma like ian womack from detroit. The government can default forever and nothing happens.

you might not be as big of an asshole as ian womack from detroit but i still think you’re dumb as a box of rocks.

I wonder if preppy knows what tossing salad means
[media=youtube]ItAzJD0o9NQ hahah, everybody read the quote then watch the video. If you’re right we’ll be wrong forever. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ5HijcicZs&feature=related[/media] 1:26

"shouldn’t i be wet? People talking about how srk threads are out of control, we don’t need more moderators, we don’t need moderators, we need the salad toss man “ian womack”, that will straighten the kids out. Invite all the kids intowest side’s mama’s basement and they’ll wise up really quick. hahahaha. Please don’t bite off anybodies ears. kthanx


Good job owning the shit outa these fools Fakeaccount^^^


Fakeaccount is calling out the high levels of bitchassness being displayed by the match-dodger above.


This thread was pretty good, then Ian Womack from Detroit happened. Thread of the year potential right here.


They BRAG about having a mortgage in Detroit, one of the most depressed real-estate markets in the nation?

I totally respect having a mortgage, but bragging about it - especially having one in clearly fucked up Detroit - don’t seem logical to me. You want to talk paycheck or cool job or contributions to society, then you’re in business. But you pretty much claimed to owe a fuckload of money in what might well be one of the worst possible investments you could have made. Why not brag that you just bought a shitload of lottery tickets? :wtf:

Wait, you’re saying that Josh is better in person where there is NO lag, then online where there IS lag? No fucking way! You mean relying on your top tier short,short,super combos might not work as well in real life?

You’re using laggy online tactics. Woot. I shall have a small parade in your honor.

OK, I’m back. This is why VDO is interesting to watch and your matches aren’t. Your BBHood in that match sucks. Your Rogue does jump around get meter, one button kill. zzzzzzzzzz

I mean, if you really are the pinnacle of online Marvel, doesn’t that mean that online Marvel is a terrible fucking game?

Do you really think that if you put up a good interesting match that I of all people would not appreciate it? Why the fuck do you think I’ve carried a camera all around this country? Because I hate watching good matches… ? You played like a scrub. Deal with it. Next time you want to pound one out to your greatness, pick a good match.

So if Sally Smith challenges you and you beat her, then you’ll crow and then tell me that I was touting Sally Smith as DA CHAMP?

I wonder how you have time to type when you spend so much time polishing the small small pillar of your own magnificence. Oh wait, that’s right: you have disappeared for long stretches of time wherein you’re clearly not playing anybody good at Marvel.

This is that whole “big fish, small pond” thing wherein you can beat certain people and so get an inflated view of yourself. You play some of the bigger fishies and get scared and go back to beating smaller fishies again. That’s cool and all, but don’t expect anybody smart enough to not live in goddamned Detroit to think you’re good.

Like I said, you know what they say about homophobes: they’re secretly gay.

You wanna keep talking about how everybody else is gay, you’re outing yourself, d00d.

I personally think homophobes are a waste of oxygen, but I chortle in delight knowing you’re a self-hating bitch who is unable to acknowledge the truth about your sexuality. Keep claiming to fuck chicks - this whole obsession with homosexual acts is more telling than any posturing or even any real life conformance to the pressure of societal norms. :tup:

I’m happy to live in a time and a city where we’re not obsessed with other people’s sexuality. I’m happy to have briefly briefly helped on the Dan Savage sex talk show. Homophobes are the modern KKK, and I look forward to the continued evolution of our society where we keep realizing that people like you are indeed pond scum. And maybe in time you’ll be able to deal with your own repressed sexual desires.



lol chortle

Preppy you have a way with words. It’s unfortunate it’ll all be wasted because Ian Womack here has the reading comprehension…of well…Ian Womack.


Well I guess the best thing that came out of this thread was just a bunch of lolz rather than low tier Marvel. Too bad we’ll never see the great one actually “own up” on Mixup, Shout, Beats, etc. etc. and will have to just imagination. Might as well have read a fucking book. :shake:


Dan Savage is that dude. <3 Seattle.


Bernie! Where ya been man, bout time you posted in this silly thread!


Yo Sandy.

GT: NGE KrazyTiger


ok, i think this image basically sums up the thread.


also, the official theme song of this thread is [media=youtube]_AQiGohBDts[/media] good song BTW. That is all.


Damn im Loving all the attention im gettin up in here… dang i come back from the mall and see how much im admired by the nerds of SRK… ay look lol Even a MALE Stalker “Fakeaccount” lol nice… Ive had plenty of FEMALE stalkers in real life but now a internet male stalker wow!

Since you geeks OBVIOUSLY like my name so much… here it is again for you Jerks lol… Enjoy… I…A…N [media=youtube]MKvfNcQ_hFc[/media]

And oh yeah… im gettin online in 15min since i see you guys are lonley up in here… whoever sends me a game invite gets to get recorded against me…YAAY!!! that way you can get your lil name out there, because when i beat muthafuckas i make a name for em PERIOD



what’s she even saying??? what are you saying?
Was that even a valentine? Was that girl you mom?!? lol it’s so dark i can’t even tell.
Whatever, this thread is son them all level lameness now.
:lame::lame::lame: I still feel sorry for your mother too.


OH MAH GAWD wesside is so pro he is the wrld chmp b/c he beat my roll/servbot/dan 5-0 you know right? silly sandy ragequit after i was switchin my gdlk moosic


damn. just got home now. I missed the chance for him to beat me…(I just started playing low tier…and marvel, recently)


Yes sir you were the first MOTH to get burned by the fire… sorry but you stood no chance so I only went to 5 on yo sorry azz… i didnt wanna waste film… My policy is, if you dont score ANYTHING before i get five then i quit because your a waste of time… and you sir, NGE Krazy Tiger are a WASTE if time

But here is the footage anyway since i DID say i would put it up to WHOEVA i played… here is the CRISPY MOTH aka Krazy Tiger Gettin beat to 5 since he couldnt score.



I may get back on 2nite who knows, if i do one of you bitches send me a invite and i’ll put you in the spotlight to get ya name out there. basically its who wants they ass kicked on air.


k whatever sandy ggs

looks like i wasted your welfare money on film that you wasted on a roll/servbot/dan set son


LOL, mzenken is combating trolling with trolling


He beat you 5-0 man…no excuses.


wtf are you talkin about. you played a bullshit ass team and lost 5 straight. why are you even posting about it. before even he could. clown. at least try. the thread isnt about getting your ass kicked by wesside.