Low tier challenge for xbl marvel...WHO GOT SUM?!?! arghhh


Mike, you need to get in on this shit with Sakura. Also, could somebody explain to me, with the play to win that is touted in the community, how it is somehow a bitch move to LOWDOWNMOTHAFUC to use Rogue + Assist to his advantage? Considering that it is apparently hard to deal with online, it seems like a good idea to use it since it provides a big opportunity to win.


In some important ways, online play isn’t considered the same game. It’s less that it’s considered “a bitch move” and more that no one serious about the game gives a fuck about beating people online.


lol, that was an embarrassment mzenken. For all the shit Wesside talks, he has a decent knowledge of low tier. You can’t be calling out niggas like that if you suck at low tier that much. It seems you picked your real low tier team first match, got scraped, then gave up and decided to save face by using some joke team (lol I wasn’t trying roflz welfare blah blah blah).

I gotta say Ian Womack won that round. He didn’t ragequit, he quit because playing the computer would bring more hype than playing you.

At least fucking try you scrub (well at least you tried first match, not that it helped lolol blah blah blah welfare lolol).

That match made my eyes bleed. Fuck mzenken for being so shitty at marvel, fuck wesside for actually filming that crap, and fuck me for actually clicking on the link.


agreed! but what’s the alternative. Have ian womack go to a REAL tournament and refuse to play the other guy unless they pick low tier too. lol Imagine someone saying that at a “marvel” tournament. They’d be like, wrong game buddy, go back to your basement lol.


See, but that’s what funny about the thread. I know what makes it great but really, this thread should have degenerated into sissy lag tactics a while ago and it hasn’t. Bitches need to step up.

Evo also needs to step up and switch that marvel tourney to a low tier marvel tourney for extra hype. In your hearts, you know this is true.


2 things:



Dan Savage is awesome. He writes a weekly article in the Westword here in Denver. Really funny.


bait not taken lol

This guy is hilarious hahaha


you mad

man gaiz marvel online is srs biz


STFU…you are leaving bloody sand trails from your anus.

At least Strogg and J360 didn’t post up lame excuses when they got beat…you didn’t even fucking try at the 5th match.

At this point you have no RIGHT to shit talk him and his fellow jabronies.


Okay Geese, let’s leave it at this.

I lost.


To quote Mike Chaos



Wait, so he won’t play players that he fears are better than him, and you make fun of a guy poking fun at that fake bravado by countertrolling him by wasting his time pressing only jab one match and then picking team horrible (roll/servbot/dan) the other?

The thing is, we’re not seemingly getting any interesting matches either way here… =\


Yeah, I’m still waiting for wesside to put his hand into the fish tank AND GET BIT BY PREPPY!


Okay, I’m not very good at developing hype, anybody got tips?


Aight Its 6:44pm. Im gettin on in 10min… WHOEVER sends a invite first is who i will play…

Aight now lets see what next little fish will bite the bait then get ate…


How about fck the bs and drama, play some mvc2 aka crack, my eyes are bleeding from reading so much nonsense, where did mixup go?


just sent an invite a little bit ago. still no reply (he’s playing SF4)… :coffee:

EDIT: yeah, over 15 minutes. he don’t wanna play.


playing him now. left my room right away after I won. to his own room…with his settings of infinite time… 7-5 him . rogues overhead is like unblockable online. but I’m workin on it

definite lag issues lol. but it’s good

lost 2 games to unblockable wait under short short THC. I can say without a doubt I’d own him free offline…yay unrollables.


Infinite Time + changed graphical filters, correct? Sounds mad shady.


^^ yes. couldn’t tell you how many unblockable overheads/shorts (I was holding for a bit before it even hit.) and he’s like 1 state over. he would not even get close to the amount of wins offline. I’ll have the vids to show proof of how stupid that shit is.

10-7 him. he left before we could play even 1 more (I was getting on to his shit)

it’s good cuz. you’re still trash and would get scraped offline. good shit having lag and even infinite time (for 1 match) helping you.

sad that you ran away before I could win a 2nd set of 10. online scrub.


I pointed out way earlier that he seems to be using the lag-maximizing sprite filters, which would probably tie into why it might be nearly unblockable. That might also be why he doesn’t want to fix the black banding problem nor get a good camera angle: it might make said scrubby settings more obvious.

Infinite time is weak and rewards runaway.