Low tier challenge for xbl marvel...WHO GOT SUM?!?! arghhh


also, lodown, you don’t wanna hear shit because you have NOTHING for the points I made. total online lag BS. you suck still IMO. would be free offline. most wins were from stupid unblockable divekicks…usually into THCs of death. unrollables were aplenty too


It got real quiet in here once BeaTs asked the $64,000 question.


if rogue’s divekick weren’t so unblockable…or if he didn’t rely on that dumb THC team, it would’ve been free. once his rogue was gone, it was usually done. though it was the same for once my anak was done…as the rest of my team has a harder time with juggs/missiles. but I think you’ll see the difference in how we won our games (hint, his were mostly from the aforementioned practically unblockable divekicks)


lol online THC teams

man that’s my scrubby gimmick how the fuck is some up north dude gonna steal that shit from me


Lowdown has more important things to do like filming another shitty 30-second video to add to his YouTube channel. The next one will be about him changing the disc for his 360 while yelling “I’m the best to ever have did this” because he’s never dropped one on-camera.


anotak: I can take the stupid THCs or I can take the stupid online overheads. but combined it’s truly another level of scrub-dom (even just the threat of it…)






you lose you lose, and actually he is literally playing my team. not shocked, considering i have played him before plenty of times, and its what i been running online in marvel since a few weeks after it came out online, and it has done wonders for me. :slight_smile: thc are always gimmicks, but thats just the game, no point in making any further big deal of it. dao was running that shit vs team yipes at last years evo casuals, except he had omega upfront, starting off with juggs though, which was even more ridiculous with bbhoods assist and a glitched juggs that he seem to always get glitched no matter what, even vs msp. its just hard as fuck when you got rogue dive kick rushing you down all crazy online, and one dive kick literally equals death with 3 bars at times, or at least 90 percent on a fresh character, and death to anyone if juggs is glitched.

rogue running around with bbhoods missles sneaking across the screen while your air dashing above its view is annoying ( i would always call hood and quickly sj and dash over a lot, and people seemed to not catch that shit most of the time) , not to mention she can combo for serious damage with juggs off a dive kick. dive kick, lk, mk, hp +assist, equals 50 percent with a non glitched juggs. the team makes sense to me. i guess thats why it has been stolen from me, but its marvel. steal that shit. lol. i havent watched any of the vids. im sure he plays the team no where near like i do, considering how he played from the last vids i saw with his rogue jumping around with no purpose.

offline though, beats is correct. you cant online spaz with rogue like that offline. it just wont work that easy, but hey, this shit wasnt about offline in the first place. i mean, it seemed like half the cast got away with whiffed standing lk, mk, after a dive kick purely because of online, so if i didnt adjust with the crouching version, people got away with out death, or at least losing 50 percent off her assist combo with juggs. so you take the good with the bad, and adjust. its online, we know there are shenanigans. i would like to see it run back though.


:rofl: @ all of this.

Man, it really must be that bad. The last time I saw Preppy this angry was when he saw Transformers 2.



I Whooped BEATSofDUMBs ass!!! hahaaa… I dont get it lmao rofl!!!, but wait… First everybody was saying that im some IDIOT dude from Detroit who cant spell, read or write… No all of a sudden im some Strategic Grand expert as using a certain lag technique that benefits me during ALL of my online matches lmao!!!.. what is it gonna be next hahaha “WESSIDE perfomed a ritual spell that only works online”… “WESSIDE tapped into my xbox and made me block LOW when he did Rogue’s dive kick” HAHAHAHHA!!!

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Smooth Viper
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I still have MORE unmarked Coffins and Fresh graves for more deceased whom i shall slay…


watching videos now. his rogue is trash. x copying my shit should have taught you better, sir. i hate to talk shit without my xbox. DAMNIT! soon though. wtf! and he didnt even pick my team in the right damn order. lol! im only on the second match, but wtf. yo was dive kicking in the air from like above half the height of the screen after getting hit. what was he expecting to hit, and jesus christ, no dash in hp, or ESPECIALLY HK, to get in, just straight whiffing dive kicks and hitting the assist button with no strategy whatsoever. whoa. i gotta keep watching this.

after the first two vids, i say this needs to be run back. how the fuck did he win. lol


it’s not gimmicks. it’s online gimmicks. big difference. PLUS the fact about the infinite time, possible (most likely) lag inducing sprite filters.

and also

I’ve never seen anyone mash headcrush NOR mash out of bubbles that quickly. EXCEPT for vidness (who uses turbo…)

the reason it was stolen is because of how good it is (and how much your play can be lacking) to win with it online. there is definitely more bad than good.

his whole game was dumb overhead into shenanigans pretty much. most.

also, your point about the whiffed standing lk mk (if I understood correctly) means that they were probably still blocking high because of latency, not that they were blocking incorrectly…just that rogue is a guessing game online most of the time. coupled with THC of death. yeah. online scrubbity. especially seeing as how his first team got wrecked.

lodown: you suck ass and are probably among the worst low tier players in this thread. your shit will NOT fly offline. also, you’ve already been killed by mixup/shoult so yeah, shut up idiot. let me know when your scared ass stops being afraid for a runback. and yeah, you’re free offline where your scrub shit don’t fly as far as I’m concerned.


@jimmy1200… umm… your team? Who are you? First and foremost WESSIDE has been using that team since 2000 almost… 2nd of all, I borrowed it for online play since I didn’t have a stick last summer when the game came out, so I used that team on pad… and destroyed a lot of people… please don’t tell me you were one of them, and now you are claiming it like it’s your team, when niggas who have been on SRK for 10 years like me and WESSIDE, who have been going to major tournaments for TEN YEARS now like me and WESSIDE are stealing YOUR stuff… thanks.


LOL! @ all them tech rollable sweeps he is doing, and horrible punishment at 2:28. were you kickin back wit a lil drinky drank, sir. ha ha. good times.

lol at the second match with infinite time. so gay. that shit was over.

third match. missed some easy combo opportunities wesside. use juggs in your dive kick combos ALL THE TIME. ALL THE TIME. he shouldnt even fucking be second.

4th match. dont waste thc on assist unless its a clean hit, but i guess you thought you had it, and follow up the jugg sweeps with at least earthquake into headcrush if your gonna keep spamming that shit.

5th match. stop going for the sweep after a blocked dive kick, lk, mk, with bbhoods assist covering you. kiss that bitch, throw, another dive kick, something else besides a sweep. i might do that 1 out of every 100 times, if that. you doin it to often. shits scrubtastic.

last match of first set. what in the world were those head crushes all about. LOL! that was horrible

watch the rest tomorrow, or maybe later. overall, my team is sad. :frowning:

edit. yeah, its still my team. mainly because he plays it like a scrub. just sayin. :slight_smile:



Oh how the cookie crumbles lmao

rotflmao… Rest in peace my friend.


if you managed to take beats down, then the only way is if it was online. Same with VDO, both these guys are legit.

play beats again and he will straight murder your fucking ass.

Broke ass motherfucker.


So what sprite filter ARE you using?

I posted up about the sprite filter problem about when the game first came out. Everybody who’s not a complete dumbass has already adjusted their settings. (Sorry: evidently Capcom valued style over gameplay here.)

It’s easy enough to confirm or quash that question. I mean, you could lie about it, but – just know that the game plays fucked up with either of the sprite filters active. It DOES cut both ways to some extent, but it greatly benefits any team/strategy that revolves around one or two lucky(?) hits, as you’re more likely to GET random hits (mismatched hit frames on your side vs their side) when you’ve got the sprite filters lagging things. It’s a small but brutal delta.

This thread is pretty scrubby. You can’t fix your camera, you’re either accidentally or deliberately lagging the game, you’re using infinite time settings, and the play you crow about is scrubbily jumping around until you land one hit and then you do a THC. It’s boring, d00d.


I’m out.


lol…the answer to all your online troubles is Blackheart with Cammy AA.


unfortunately that’s not low tier. either way, there are probably some other answers to lessen his scrubby online BS, but I just choose to stick with anak/sonson anyway.

yes, anak has a rather bad matchup against rogue (rogue in general is sort of a dumb/easy mode low tier character(it’s all good if she’s beastin’ top tiers tho)), and sonson gets beat out by a lot (just a lil’ invincibility…please?), and x/hood/jugg is actually stupid good in at least semi-competent hands…

but this dude is scrubby enough where he would lose fray offline.


why is this thread still open?


im bored. one more.

3rd set of videos, since i skipped the second one

match 1. again, in my opinion, bbhood is good to spam to cover yourself and hit random assist, but in my opinion juggs is the one you want to be calling out and spamming the most ( and especially using in all of your rogue combos. ALL OF THEM. ) , considering when you use bbhoods assist properly anyways, she is most likely never getting touched, and is back out the screen before you know it, and when she is in, her stupid ass can bounce around enough to give juggs ample time to heal anyways so he can still be alive for thc’s, and spamming his assist, considering if anyone tries to for whatever reason attack juggs, you can hit them with the bullet super full screen, but most people arent that stupid. hence why juggs is good for spamming with that team in my opinion, because since he has super armor, its a real waste of time hitting him when rogue can be in your ass and or behind you instantly, and bbhood will punish anyone getting to happy hitting jugs ,with super. unless someone is killing jugs quick with tron assist, he is highly spammable in low tier matches. not to mention, in low tier matches, you should be glitching him, and getting him out, and rogue in, hence why i like him last. but sometimes i dont purely out of laziness, and i like to just go fight, plus even non glitched he does good damage.

anyways. thats just my opinion, but yeah, if you used juggs in your combos more, you could save those bars for bbhood, but you do not use juggs in your combos ever, and its free as shit all the time. lk, mk, connect, then so will hp+juggs assist, and with a glitched juggs, thats over 50 percent. hit them twice, they’re dead, and you still got bars. hence again, why i like bbhood second, because if rogue dies, then you can usually have upwards of close to five bars if your playing your cards right for bbhood. plus juggs can trap people with his assist into free chip damage full screen against characters who cant punish it, since unless your killing someone off, you wouldnt want to take the risk. we all know about that bbhood chip, not to mention on hit, even full screen its easy to confirm into bbhood super for free damage also.

oh, and i never see you go for the throw reset after you connect lp, hp in the air with rogue. try it more.

match 2. wow. damn. comeback by wesside. same shit ive said before with using juggs in combos, and i saw the missed thc at the end when instead you did rogue super.

match 3. eh, whatever. nice son son stuff towards the end, with thanos dhc.

im done commenting. just giving people a heads up on whats going down, and my opinion on the team.