Low tier challenge for xbl marvel...WHO GOT SUM?!?! arghhh


This thread is an example of why good players shouldn’t bother with online “challenges”. Lag makes dumb shit unpunishable and only adds fuel for scrubs like LODOWNSYNDROMEFUC with dial-up connections to pretend like they’re good. And since online play doesn’t matter, then why indulge them any further?


uhoh dis mangla lowdown is starting to beazt on fools, FEED THE MONSTER GOOD SHIT MY NIEGHZTCHE BRING THE HATE, online is the new offline gotta grow with the times etc.

i heard Beats v. Wesside rematch at evo ft10 for 1000


if one of my friends let me use his xbox i might get a chance to play detroit i kind of want to now bb hood vs. bb hood juggernaut vs. juggernaut

no rogue though fuck that bitch she aint shit


Detroit wesside gets final laugh

That’s All folks!!!. The fat lady has sung and that is ALL she wrote!. I get the last laugh again for the FINAL time… Me, DETROIT WESSIDE has proved without a shadow of a doubt that I AM THEE # 1 Low Tier player on the planet… thank you all for getting your little bitchazz no pussy gettin male on male naked twister playin asses whooped, its been fun… There was NO competition at all on here… the only nigga who I think can PROLLY fuck with me is this nigga from Planet MARS ( Definitely not earth)… At this point this thread can now be CLOSED… im out. I have DOMINATED in here by a land slide… whoeverALL the geeks said was “good”… got killed by the WESSIDE… I AM THE BEST IN THE WORLD WITH LOW TIER… hands down. Until next time geeks… thaz right the bad guy won on THIS movie. No fairy tale ending here people, you all can ask for your money back at this point!.. oh i forgot one thing ROFL!!!..BEYETCHHHHHHHHHH!!!

final out



Good shit lowdown for actually playing the people who are sending you the challenges. Lets do a ft10 after you play a few more playas.


Mixup’s deaded list- Lodown 10-0
Shoultz’s deaded list- Lodown 15-2
VDO’s deaded list- Lodown- prob like 90/10 win ratio.

Me personally, I prefer gorgonzola.

EDITTTTTT- Forgot that trolls, like little brothers trying to make fun of you, feed on attention and responses. GGPO.


Do it.


You want to prove something?There it is.This is your chance.

$20 says IDOWN2FUCATRUCK loses.Any takers?


if you want to REALLY talk about deaded lists…and concerning whether lodown stole that team from Jimmy or not…

him and I played about when this shit first came out. lodown tried a lot of teams. EXCEPT for the rog/jugg/hood. he never played that team before. he even went to rog/xx/sent…hmm I wonder why, oh yeah, because he was getting RAPED (combine that with the 9-8 score from yesterday…who’s really “buried” now?)

so yeah, he never played that team before.

you should be glad jimmy showed you that team that you can scrub people out with. even with that, and infinite time, and lag tactics, and you running to sentinel…YOU have been “buried” first if you wanna play that stupid game…scrub. or we cannot play that scrubby “dead-ed” game and we can run this shit back. c’mon, another chance for you to beat me with stupid shit.


Sorry BeaTs, I think that lodown is long gone now that the ‘secret’ is out. He’s not coming back for a runback.


He’s played that team since the game came out, sorry. He ran that team plenty of times at CTF on his various trips to NYC for example years ago. We’ve been around for years, we’ve been going to majors since we were in high school, we’ve been on SRK for 10 years now, this is nothing new, as I said, we are simply remnants of the past, who still play old games until this day. Speaking of biting, Anakaris/Son Son? You STOLE your whole swag from Gabriel homie. You and DerekLearnSlow as a matter of fact. Y’all dudes think you are good because you DIRECTLY stole someone’s style? LOL. We are all original in Detroit. You got dudes like WESSIDE playing Amingo, Rogue, Hulk, Ryu, Jugg, Hood, and the wide variety of other characters I know he can play. How can you dudes give VDO all this credit in the world, and then try to diss WESSIDE when we are all from the same Arcade? We all played, traveled a fought together many and many years ago. So what’s with all the hate? Stop it, it’s sickening. You talked all that shit in here and then ended up getting your ass beat. You kept saying how you’re sending invites, and for WESSIDE stop dodging me, then when you lose you are the first one making excuses. Stop it. Just stop it. You lost, get over it bruh. And learn how to use your own teams in low tier, you are not Gabriel, recognize it, look in the mirror, once you realize that and get your own swag, maybe you’ll be good one day. And lag my ass, you got fucked up have of the time because YOU CAN’T BLOCK. PERIOD. Jumping in the air, running around with a fucking anti-air assist (Son Son) and running away and calling our Curse the entire time, that’s bum shit. I’ve watched Gabriel beat Sentinels and MSP’s and shit with that team, if you think that team isn’t just as cheap then you are wrong. Stop it, suck it up, go practice, and more importantly BE YOURSELF, thanks.


Who the fuck are you Adonis? You just joined SRK a week ago


as usual, you’re an idiot adonis. it shows by how you bring up irrelevant shit. I was ONLY addressing the fact of if lodown took that from jimmy or not. I DON’T CARE if he did.

you fucking idiot. again, a lot of stuff with anak i came up with myself. stuff that gabriel never even did, stuff that he started doing after I did. yes the majority is bitten off him…but so what? you have no point.

learn how to space your paragraphs too you idiot. and good shit ignoring my other points. lodown can use all those other characters all he wants…but he uses them crappily and gets raped, which is why he right away went to rog/juggs/hood who I’m still sure he’s never used before (not that I care, just touching on the subject)

I talked shit that was totally called for. I RAPED him constantly before. he RAN to sentinel. he didn’t use that scrub-out team, but yeah. he WAS dodging fucking fool. I didn’t even get beasted like I beast him before. he barely won 9-8 (yes, I don’t count that 1 match where he ran to his scrub room of infinite time).

you fucking scrubby idiot. I can block rogues extremely better offline. rogue online is stupid to block. I’ve played so many rogues (all the constant times vdo and flapp come through and even derek. A LOT of rogue + tron where you need to block) their rogues ARE ALL BETTER than lodowns. I can actually block them too, ya know, offline.

yes, ima call curse when juggs is, because all HE’S gonna do is jump around with high priority punchs + missiles ALL DAY too. fucking scrub. and just go to headcrush or THC of death. both extremely more scrubby/stupid/cheap (mostly because of online) than anything I was doing.

don’t worry, I’ve beaten PLENTY of sentinel’s, MSP’s, etc. with anak. including lodown’s sentinel. we don’t gotta worry about that.

the point still stands, if you wanna play the stupid “dead-ed” game, lodown has already BEEN dead-ed by me.

online laggy scrubs…


yo detroit did Tyson get godlike by not defending his title just FYI


well good for him if that has actually been his team that long, but i have never come across that combination of team online, offline, or in videos, except me, but whatever. like i said, steal that shit, son. i mean i was inspired by other players myself; rogue from vdo and vegita x, juggs from mike z, and the bulleta/hood combination from dao. i just slapped it all together and it worked perfect. lol. but every time in the past i played him, i never have seen him pick that team, hes not playing it right for someone who has been aware of that team and playing it for that long ( playing it on some like first week usage type shit), and i myself have ran that team for 90 percent of my online matches, which have been thousands of matches, including vs him plenty of times, winning nonetheless.

all in all, it doesnt matter, i dont get anything special for claiming that team to fame, or unknowingly being the second person to use that team, i just know it can be used better.

it would be nice to be able to do a loser stays on type room in marvel, then lowdown, beats, mixup, shoultz, vid, could just have a like free for all for an hour or more.

but either way, im entertained. as usual. please continue :slight_smile:

you can easily shutdown wessides random bbhood assist abuse with a generic beam assist abuse, then snap in a bruised hood, kill her, and good games. he has shown rogue and juggs are no threat in his usage of them. hood, is the crutch of that team for thc, and assist abuse when he has juggs in. im sure some random bullshit ass team like rogue/clops/iceman would kill wesside free because of all that randomness going on from his team. lol!


So when is the SFIV version of this thread coming out? We can go low tier in that. Ill pick Dan.


i played against it on xbl like 3-4 times… but i can’t recall who it was honestly. it was when I was borrowing my friend’s xbox for like 3 weeks in december… i shut that shit down every time i played against it then though. whoever it was that played it though didn’t know how to fight vs. megaman or another bbhood/jugg team. dude just lost like 3 times and then picked sentinel and some others still lost and then he left. I just made note of it because it was one of the few times that i encountered another bb/juggs player.


probably wesside, considering i never play sentinel because im atrocious with him. only time i play sentinel is if im playing with gambit/ken/sent against bad players who fall for sent assist to trick card super shenanigans because they dont know which way to block. lol! im usually rogue/cable/mando (clops) or rogue/hood/juggs . the team is not hard to shut down either. its not like that greatness with omega and hood that controls the fucking screen like a monster, with random glitched juggs smashing your damn head out of nowhere, and instant assist kill if you fuck up with good coverage of the screen with omegas stupid tentacles. mixup shuts me down with his ruby/mando shit something serious, when i played with rogue/hood/juggs. i have only won twice against him with that team, with my only hope is picking mando instead of juggs, with mando still being a great all around assist, and good with rogue.

cant wait to get my xbox back soon. this hype better still be going down! :o

what was the sn at the time? maybe i was drunk and got my ass kicked, but i usually get pissy when people pick megaman, because i dont feel like dealing with his bullshit and ill play rogue/cable/iceman and get in that ass. lol!


cmon, respect, but u play one guy 6 mos ago on live with that duo and its wesside?> not so sure about that.


yeah i’m not saying its him it could be anyone


Dereklearnslow, then Shoultz, then Potent shell.

Those are my reccomendations for you lowdown, lets see what you can do vs them.