Low tier challenge for xbl marvel...WHO GOT SUM?!?! arghhh


Oh god, this thread delivers so much.


Ya mein Im about to rally round your family with pockets full of resets if you know what i mean


msg me if u wanna play, idk your tag dude


DETROIT WESSIDE is an embarassment to us Detroit SF/Marvel players. What marvel players are left, anyways. Never kept up on the marvel scene here, or much at all for that matter

Real talk.


these trolls are so stupid…but entertaining. lol swagga :rofl:


where the fuck are the modz at :mad:

  • and to everyone else, why are you feeding this troll?


I don’t think this thread is that out of hand, plus its all in the name of Hype.


It’s just that we have all taken multiple turns on this scrub, yet he never posts those videos of us whooping his scrubby ass. All he ever shows is maybe like the one or two times people might have lost to him using their obscure teams.

at some point imho shit just gets old.


i heard after he ran through wesside mixup went to seaworld and ate somebody


(evil laughs)

WESSIDE was already determined the winner before existence began. (evil laughs)


I’ll vote for the red no.


i heard wesside cried detroit tears of old rust and gmc’s after mixup squared his ass up, and rents his xbox 360 using a hacked account for online play. ooooooooooooh, thread took a mad random turn for no reason, and i didnt start the randomness. lol!


when you get raped 10-0 you should put your ego between your legs and shut the fuck up. This whole thing is a huge joke which is what im all about, but seriously were entertaining a broke ass theif.


Hahahaha. Yo i heard the same thing and they haven’t caught him yet… News reports say that Mixup got through eating 10 people and noone has seen him yet.

P.S. WHERE THE HELL IS THE MM from sb3??? ( I mean with Yipes and Jwong of course)


Damn there are some faggy players in Detroit. I haven’t ever heard so much talk about male on male fucking outside of the Gay thread until these two guys came and showed up.


For the record, Mixup didnt use a low tier team… his team had commando in it… The commando ASSIST aint low tier, lmao i quoted J360 since you all dick suck him so much, hes you guys little God… even tho I destroyed him too but that besides the point right now… mixup is not good at all… i had low tier he had top tier (commando assist)… case closed on that… nobody in the WORLD can beat me 10 - 0 wit a LEGIT low tier team lets get serious. he aint no better then all the other dead guys whos laying in my cemetery, they all died because they used low tier like me (even battle)… if somebody was to EVER “so called” beat ME… then more then likely that person was using A top teir character or Assist… aint no way in hell am i being beat in a low tier fight… and thats why IM STILL!! undefeated at this point… with LOW TIER… case closed on that



In other news…





AIGHT… Me DETROIT WESSIDE… is tired of whoopin ass low tier… this thread can go the the geeks at this point… this is my LAST POST in here… seriously… there is no more to be proven… DETROIT WESSIDE = BEST LOW TIER PLAYER IN THE WORLD… UNDEFEATED!!!





Wait. He 10-0’ed you and he’s “not good at all”. I’d be able to at least mash out 1 if the guy is no good cmon na.

Also, commando assist does not equal free win, you still gotta play a team. If commando assist is beating you, then you gotta learn how to not get hit by it. It does the same thing every time.

Ay peeps, was Wesside using tron too? (I hope so, cause that would make this funny.)


Super edit- nice av ecZangeif. Is that just shopped?


rofl i picked mando twice(after your first thread about being gdlk, it was pretty funny when by the 2nd game you were crying about assists already)

I raped you the OTHER 8 straight with rogue/ruby/ !collosus!. That shit was free.

so yes, call me papa or a martian, the bottom line is you needed to be scraped off of my shoe by the time i was done with you.

edit: I did not know how to use collosus at the time.

Since you cannot be beaten, money match me at a national sometime ft10 for ______insert amount you want to lose

bet it.