Low tier challenge for xbl marvel...WHO GOT SUM?!?! arghhh


You are trash. Bottom tier. You can’t beat any actual top Marvel players from anywhere, yet here you are running your mouth on a forum about MM’s when you don’t say the same shit to anyone else. I find it cute and funny at the same time. You are a dirty bum, weed addict and a common thief… As soon as you walked in my room in Atlanta they told me to watch you because you steal shit… We were down there playing Mvc2 in my room, Justin, Flash, Braten, Fugee and a whole gang of Marvel people were in my room, and where were you? You were somewhere being dirty and high in a 3s room, doing absolutely nothing, but hanging off of Antwan Ortiz’s balls… You are a character homie. When we see you, we’ll be happy to take your last weed money, you’ll be sober the entire tournament, dirty bum. Thanks.


So thats a yes for how much?

I’m smoking everyone out from this thread with your money.

Your story is hilarious btw, pot meet kettle again(hows that stolen 360 workin out for you guys by the way?)

P.s I don’t need to talk shit to the real players, they actually play the game we’re talking about. You bitches are the butt end of this joke, your boy got raped by me and no matter how many straws you grasp at, calling me thief or pothead(oh no!) isn’t going to change that.

you can shut up now or bet it.


Why you nerds so free?


Translation: Oh god, you ripped my ass up hardbody. Seriously, I think it’s literally torn asunder. I…it’s leaking shit everywhere man. I’m gonna need to wear diapers from now on.


What are you talking about? He won (at minimum) 8-0 against the best low tier player in the world, Detroit Wesside.


He said “weed addict.”

…as if there was such a thing.

ps. Only Marvel scrubs complain about characters/assists. L2P the game, son.



zzzzzzzzzzzz… We’ll determine that, if you have the balls to actually SAY what you say online when we see you… If it doesn’t LOOK like you have as much money as you are talking about betting, I couldn’t possibly do it… And you look like you’re worth about 20 bucks usually, dirty looking bum. You are real mouthy and outlandish online through SRK, when I seen you though you were laid back. You probably don’t remember that though right? You were so high right? lol… Don’t act like an ass online and try to be cool in front of your fans, homies or whatever these people are to you. Don’t be an imposter, just be yourself. I recommend all of you dorks online to do the same thing, just be yourself… You got these losers online following you, thinking this is the big joke of the day, talking shit out their ass, buddy dick riding and all of a sudden, they send out challenges without actually knowing what they are getting into… You owe some of these SRK guys apologies… They thought this was a big joke and a game, now they are getting their assholes tore out left and right and are VERY emotional about it. Beats’ gay ass blocked me from his youtube for example. (Don’t worry Beats, I downloaded your fights with WESSIDE, and I have them in high quality, thanks for the ass on a platter, you’ll be one of the stars for our next feature highlight video). Don’t follow this Mixup guy folks… As kids they say don’t listen to drug addicts and say no to drugs… It’s not cool to be a dirty bum and smoke weed. It just solidifies the fact that you are probably unemployed. No one hires dirty bummy Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Weed Addicts. Thanks.


Damn! this thread is straight up strange! We got adonis here

Detroit this
Detroit that
Im from Detroit
just be yourself
then we got low down syndrome aka wesside aka ian womack from detroit**

I wish i could gather up all of you little geeks together in one room… chain all the doors so yall cant run out… N put used condoms in your azz

oh look here we got a little 4’10 pint size cross dressin leprechaun
i should lay down a mouse trap and eat yo lil azz.
magically transforms into an alligator

then we got people like mixup

This guys combo of logic and pillow talk is really nothing to fuck with.

oh lawd!!! hahaha


lol idiot ass troll scrub. you fools do the same shit do. act all retarded on here, but in person you ain’t hell, even talking to lodownsyndrome over the mic he was timid as hell.

yes, I block trolls. everyone knows you guys are trolls. and actually stupid scrubby ones at that, so why am I not going to block people who have been trolling these boards? fool

again, I still have more wins over lodownsyndrome if you wanna still try and play that card. he’s gotten scraped so bad before, when he didn’t play the stupid online abuse team. you saw how his amingo/hulk got raped? believe me, that shit wasn’t the first time. weak.


no one cares about your videos, fool. go right ahead. again, peeps who I don’t even know on YT and ain’t even on my friendlist comment and see how scrubby that shit of lodowns is. whatever. keep getting scrubby online wins with an already stupid team and thinking you’re good or something. while that hulk/amingo/whatever else you pick gets raped

as usual. you have no point in any of your posts. but hey, that’s what trolls and scrubs do? try and avoid the fact mixup scraped the floor with lodown.

now continue with your dumb trolling


This is some great reads right here.


i officially lost to mixup 8-0 so i am undefeated in low tier also i use lag tactics so i am world champ bye bye i have ego


I FIGURED IT OUT EVERYONE! I think I understand the problem. You have mistaken Mixup for someone else, because he’s really good, and has/does beat good players from lots of places. (I’m still angry at how bad you scraped Row, Mix. He’s my boy). So that can’t be who you’re talking about. Either that or your’re just saying outlandish things, which discredit you, and make it more difficult to trust your future judgement.

Do not be rude sir. It does not look cool. Be a high class homie. Something more like Dudley. You know he gets the girls too and he’s hella cool. Nam Sayn?

I KNEW IT. MIXUP IS AN ALIEN! Bet it. Pps, Mix, I’m going Alien hunting later today. BRING IT!:nunchuck::woot:



I’ll tell you this bet is free before AND after i collect from you. This is a videogame we’re talking about, what kind of dream can you possibly think i’m having? Did you actually accept the bet anywhere in that pile of hormones you just posted?

oh, and about me being laid back, I am. This thread is obviously just to shit on some moron who stepped out of line and needed his ego cleaned out. I did that. I will do it again. Stop wasting all the time with the girl talk, I just want to beat the shit out of your boy in marvel again, this time for cash. I can tell you’re really confident in your buddy and you already know i’m fuckin terrible at the game so…for how much and when?


Are you coming to EVO Mixup?


Beat His Ass Entertainment Presents: “Wesside vs Beats - Ass On A Platter”, the new Marvel Hentai movie that was recorded earlier this month. Anybody who wants a copy please let me know. I’m trying to be the new Mr. Wizard of this shit, lmao!!!




Thanks, especially to you Beats, for putting that ass on a platter.


lol keep cherishing that 9-8, online assisted, barely winning victory. that’s all ya got. good thing I buried lodown way before that as did mixup. and lodown ain’t doing anything like that offline because the parts of his game that are lacking can’t be saved by laggy overheads into scrubby 2button THC. You should be embarrassed of that…well, you would be if you were “all there” in the head

lol, and keep up with the talk of asses on platters. lol, the person who posted salad toss man (or was that a different thread) couldn’t have been more correct.


Be sure to buy “Ass On A Platter” featuring the new XXX Hentai actress Beats… please support her, she get’s .10 per disc, I’m renewing her Xbox Live Membership this year, it’s an investment, it’s like replanting apple seeds after you eat the apple. Thanks Beats, we truly appreciate that Ass On A Platter…


Something to prop your champ up on adonis, he was hella confident after I shit inside him.


Translated from Detroit-ese: I’m making excuses.
Every other post from WESSIDE: Don’t make excuses when I beat you.

Preppy posts up: Uhhhh, sure seems like you’re using lag tactics using the lag-enhancing sprite filters… ?
WESSIDE: crickets

Everybody I’ve played in the “low tier tourney” (crazy idea, I know!) knows I harp on the sprite filter. It causes substantial discernable lag.

So if you want to cry about how Mixup only raped you because he had CapCom (and what the fuck is Juggernaut or Tron in your crazy worldview?), even assuming you had these “special rules” which you didn’t mention to anyone until now - you’re still establishing a grounds for some sort of baseline standards to play by. Like turning off your sprite filters. :nunchuck:

Josh is incredible with Iron Man, way above average with Magnus, and everything else I don’t know about. I don’t know what fevered guy-on-guy fantasies you have to jerk yourself to sleep, but if you PM me your address I can send you this insightful book which might help make your life a little less complicated. Your homophilic rants get in the way of you making sense. I cannot believe you are having any level of regular sex with any sort of non-bought woman just because you are so obsessed with other people’s sex lives. It’s like you’re twelve.

I totally respect you feeling like an outsider, but your diversion of any substantial discussions of gameplay into your homoerotic obsessions remains lame.

You’re good? Set some rules, play Mixup for some of your precious food stamps. It’s always easy to ethug behind a computer screen, especially online, and especially when you’re using deliberately enhanced lag tactics. If I insert an 6 frame delay into my COD games and then brag about my skills, people would think I was a chump. Aaaaaaaaaand: there you are. :tup:

Mixup is pretty mellow in real life. I’m pretty mellow in real life and online. I don’t get why people get excited… but I am able to point out that you’re hypocritical as fuck. xoxo


I heard mixup shat in shamoo and gave him rabies.