Low tier challenge for xbl marvel...WHO GOT SUM?!?! arghhh


Sorry Adonis, I already bought “Mixup vs Wesside - Ass In A Juicer” on Blu-Ray,
and I have had that on repeat on the flatscreen all day.

I always try to support “Detroit Is Ass Entertainment”, they put out nothing but quality joints, even in music.

For instance, whenever I go out I always blast that banger,
WESSIDE ft. Adonis - “Niggas Callin’ The Kettle Black”. Shit’s fire.


How come I cant get hugs and kisses :frowning:


Bump. Epic, need to subscribe.


You are lucky the fellas didn’t have the record button on last week… I heard they came across you and handed you your ass several times… I believe the gamer tag they use is TOP SKOE :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yo, I hope everybody realizes the hate is in good fun on all sides. We DO realize this, right? :]

Also, my handicapped little brother ran through Top Skoe with gief the otehr day


Anybody else wanna play low tiers hit me up


Isn’t Rogue and juggernaut like mid tier or something. . .

Fucker doesn’t even use low tier. . .whole damn thing is a rip-off. . .


^ sigh


Beats used Anakaris, which is considered “Upper Tier”… Mixup used Ruby Heart, Rogoe and Colusses, Commando and Omega Red… none of those characters are low tier… Thanks much.


bbhood is also not low tier. but…

ruby, mega (if allowed even), dhalsim (if allowed even), hood, ORed, rogue, anak, and commando (mostly assist) and juggs (mostly assist+THC) are up there. colossus is not up there with them though…

juggs+hood is exceptionally one of the better combinations in lowtier though. especially backing Ored. not only for their play on point with the assists…but as we saw, generally easy wins off of THC (where then you have 2 chars left, if lucky, against a point with 2 strong assists). which is totally valid…well, except for online where easy mode high/lows from rogue are more prone to getting a hit than offline


You guys really don’t need to beef over this low tier Marvel shit. But here are some suggestions:

1.Beats vs. Wesside/lodown MM FT10 at MWC. Tape it Beats.
2.Mix-up vs. Wesside/lodown MM FT10 at MWC. End that beef immediatly
3.Wesside vs. VDO MM FT10 at MWC. See whose really better.

These matches will end the beef between everybody.


now I really wanna see the VDO/wesside shit.

MWC is running on crappy PS3 though. I don’t know if I even wanna go to any PS3 marvel tourneys.

I think the only 2 DC marvel tourneys this year are GAMME and SB5 (maybe)


Wesside play KoF98UM? Since it seems you like lag the game is already up your alley and I’ll play you low tier on that. Hell you can pick my team for me.


Very true. However, I’m more than certain that wesside will dodge the living hell out of going to MWC. Any word on getting your boy to show up, Adonis?


I would think SB5 would be better. more likely for myself and especially mixup to go…aside from other actual marvel players. and it’s not on POS PS3 (I’m guessing)


IF it actually happened It would be very…Interesting


We don’t need to wait until MWC for VDO and WESSIDE to fight… These two live within 10 minutes of each other almost. That fact is when we go out of state we are not trying to compete with one another… If they do a FT10, which doesn’t seem highly possible since they never cross paths, it will probably be taped and put online… but we would never go to MWC to do a FT10 between two Detroit players, nope. And now that I heard Mvc2 is on PS3, blah, will we really come to MWC this year? Is it still at Nickel City? I hate that place, lol.


naw, its at a hotel about 5 miles away from nickels.


I was hoping they had it closer to Chicago at least, I love Chicago but I hate the drive, it drives me crazy that only one freeway goes through such a big city… It’s like drive 5 hours or so to get to Chicago, now fight through 90 mins of traffic… And it wouldn’t be so bad, but it be like 11PM and the traffic still be heavy… lol


VDO hates doing FT10, and I know for a fact doesn’t play his best, or rather, hasn’t played his best in one. Halfway through, he just noticably stops trying. Very lame, IMO.