Low tier challenge for xbl marvel...WHO GOT SUM?!?! arghhh


VDO hates doing FT10, and I know for a fact doesn’t play his best, or rather, hasn’t played his best in one. Halfway through, he just noticably stops trying. Very lame, IMO.


even against low tier? I can understand with high tier sorta




lol if that was K/K/K vs K/K/K the whole way I’d get sick of playing that crap too :rofl:



Dude, if I talk to you for longer than five minutes, I probably think you’re excellent in my book. I’m a pretty positive person and don’t tend to waste time with people I abhor. :smile:

oh my GAWRSH

I’ve gone about 1000-50 in the past several weeks of playing online casual matches. I haven’t taken it seriously: I try to pick about an equivalently tiered team so that it’s an interesting fight, but that’s about it. If someone else is taking the game seriously, it’s on them.

I am constitutionally incapable of taking this game seriously. I don’t know if I can repeat that enough. How many money matches have you ever seen me play ever where you believe I might have been vaguely serious and not just dumping money to a friend? I just checked my site and found that I’ve played exactly four recorded money matches, and if you think about who I’m playing you’ll note that two of those guys are dirt poor and could use a couple ducats, one is just hilarious, and one is one of the most interesting players in the world. I also ran some Quizno money matches (err, “micro tournaments”) at Evo, again dumping some money in an amusing fashion to friends. :smile:

If you or your friend thought I was playing HAWRD KORE SERIOUZ, they’re fucking nuts. Think back to who I am: I’ve taped matches. I’ve never cared about beating the world, just having a good time playing. I want to expand the community, not be an belligerent ass and drive away people. Playing against poor ShNiPaAaA (guy picked randomly from my XBLA inbox messages) who is a total scrub might not provide a challenge, but he’s a decent dude and trying to learn the game, so I’m willing to go 10 rounds in easy mode with him, or with anybody else online who is interesting. People like Capone808 who are good players but assholes: I don’t need to play them. There’s this amazing technology of “doing something else more entertaining with my time”. I mean, we’re all going to die soon. Why waste time with assclowns?

So: get your head out of your ass. And TOP SKOE too. If they want to have fun matches, sounds great. If they’re thinking that Marvel against me proves anything interesting, their head is so far up their ass that they may never be able to see again. Go ethug somewhere else.

The thing that sucks is that a number of people that are decent enough to provide a challenge take the game far too seriously and can’t enjoy fun competitive play. That’s their shortfalling, not mine. So you’re an ass to people you beat: are you trying to drive away your competition? Are you really trying to have it just be you versus the CPU? What a stupid plan. Here in Seattle we like “people” and thus I play chillaxed Marvel. :tup:

In short: I don’t care and you can’t make me care. xoxo

Stop making excuses ex post facto. If there’s some special rules, VOICE THEM BEFORE PLAYING.

Aaaaaand… Juggernaut fits into that “not low tier” description too. Which means you’re being hypocritical, surprise, surprise.

People being asses to each other does bother me. Winning or losing does not.

There is no possibility that anyone with a single brain cell does not read the above “tl;dr” and not understand that this completely synchs with my character as evidenced in person and online for the past time anyone has known me. I’m going to assume that any response that pretends that I do care is just trolling and will respond appropriately. :tup:


True, but remember it was like, first to three. They kept playin, I kept recordin. shrugs lol


If i never beat you, what the hell is this? Did you forget other things after I caved your brain in?!
see a doctor, i’m worried about you.

edit: Cheese mm?


how did i not know about this thread… i read the first page, now i have some catching up to do. epic lulz to be had.


LOL, weren’t you the low tier champ in one of the SRK low tier MvC2 leagues? I haven’t kept up with that thread, but I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about your play.


I know I’m way late to this party, but let me just say: Having watched this guys " boxing " videos, which basically consisted of him and his friends flailing their arms at a bag like infantile retards, I’m not surprised that they don’t have any technique with a controller either. Maybe you should learn a little something about weight distribution, form, technique, and the sport in general before you put tags like that on your videos, because what you did being classified as " boxing " would be like me chucking a basketball underhanded and missing continuously and calling myself a basketball player.

Oh, and if tough guy ever pops back around and decides to post in this thread again calling me out, know this: I’d be more than happy to waste your ass in a ring any day of the week to add icing to the cake that is this humiliating thread, now THAT would be youtube worthy.


I’d like to see this. Can we get a MM on this!?



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