Low Tier challenge on xbox live! who wont sum!



Nothin but a werd who want they azz whooped???

called out ass kickinz WILL go online

illuminatiniccaz link too

Sec just gotta steal myself a new xbox.

I’m pretty good at addition.

addition was so 2009, we playin subtraction now

I still use addition to practice at home; if you can play addition you’ll get by in subtraction.

NO takers just like i thought… i see nobody wanna put they self out like that lmao


$3k Bomberman money match, whatchu want? Is you a BomberMAN or a BomberBEEOTCH

nice. SDTV.

I’d play you if you would actually accept a game invite, you don’t really wanna get scraped…

alright im hopping on my buddys 360 to stomp you and i’ll be recording, accept my fucking invite you scummy theif

lol i just randomly came across him on xbox he beat amingo hulk dhalsim then we got repaired and i beat him with zangief colosus and juggs fun games

^ i beat you 7 times then you finally won one sucka… say that didnt happen?? whats wrong you dont wanna get caught in my sight… i didnt notice u until i looked on here and read ya comment… lets play 2 out of three imma record it… you down??? if not shut up

Relax u already on my friendlist… if u down to play lets to it… i dont duck ANYBODY… i just kick ass

7 is amount me played 3 me 4 u

its ok if ya wanna talk trash aslong as ya get the figures right sir

ya lost 2 times to geif, colossus, juggs and once to servbot megaman tron

4 were random ranked

3 were by player match im assuming the player was 2 out of 3 cause ya bolted after 3

More like nobody gives a shit about you hoodrats.


I had to make an example out of this guy… thats how it always is!.. some fool ALWAYS has to yap first and get takin down for the rest to see the real threat thats at hand… well thats what happend to this guy… he just so happen to put his foot in the water to see if it was safe for the others… But got his legs got ATE OFF!!!

Who’s next!!!..

lol. I’ve played you before. anakaris got in that IIRC lol. you seemed cool over the microphone, but different now :rofl: unless it’s a different person?

lol yeh imma cool dude… im jus at very competitive type nigga at everything i do nahmean… u know how it is.