Low tier charlie team



I’ve been messing with ruby heart (AA), charlie (proj.), cammy (AA). Pretty solid team dynamics, dhcs work great, and the team itself has some abuseable tactics. I’m not that great with charlie but I found some useful shit.


pretty much abuse ruby spike with charlie projecitle and when your feeling pressured, call cammy and cover her. Thats the ruby trap lol. One of her staple points is being to combo after her PP super but all that is practice

ruby’s pp super dhc into charlie is ok. You can dhc early on the PP super into charlies grab super, then otg c.lk, c.fp and finish with charlie. Her PP super puts them in OTG state like a psylock AA except that ruby can do this at SJ height.

the dhc i’m about to go into is far more cheap. Call cammy, qcf+lk or hk, ghost super, dhc into charile grab super. The idea behind this is to sandwhich them with the ghost super. The ghost super completely floods the screen and the characters cannot be seen through them. You get multiple ground overheads behind the ghost and just start chunking life off. VERY cheap. You can time this dhc so that charlies combo super wiffs and goes to other side and you automatically get the sandwhich.

if you have a chance to punish an assist, c.fp, qcf+lk, ghost dhc, into charlie grab super. Sandwhich the assist and start doing c.fp on the assist right into the ghosts. Ruby’s ghost super doesnt combo. Its just a bunch of projectiles on the screen and charlie can just smash the assist into them. Havent really dont max damage yet but the other day I pulled off 60%. I’m thinking 80% is possible though.


charile and ruby work better than one would imagine. As long as you call ruby heart before you do charlies ground overhead, it will combo. You can follow this up with an air combo, air flip kick back into the ground for another 50\50 setup, normal jump air throw, flash kick super, or setup for an ace throw. Tons of options and you can set this up off a dash, c.lk, c.lk. If they block it, you can sonic boom and re-rush, flip kick to the other side, or setup for an ace throw.

Ok ruby heart built up a little bar and charlie can get to work. Ace throw can be followed up with s.lk, ruby assist, s.rh, flash kick super. Easy bread and butter, does about half life and you can dhc cammy at very end if you wanted too. The cammy dhc will do 80% total combined with the ace throw combo.

charlies air flip kick is rediculous behind ruby. Anytime you try air flip kick you should call ruby. If the kick hits, ruby’s assist otg’s them and you can follow it up. It doesnt matter if the flip kick hits xup or not, it will otg them. If they block it, her assist locks them down and you can follow that up with an ace throw setup or a c.lk, c.lk hit confirm then reposition.

to dhc cammy in all you have to do is a charlies sonic boom super, wait for about half of them to get on the screen then dhc cammy in with her air combo super. There should be booms on the screen once she recovers and you can to get come in and harass them a little.

havent been playing this team that long but I think It could work out. Definetly a charlie based team since the purpose of the meter is for charlie to burn. Its more of a get in close kind of team, but once you get in close charlie\ruby become deadly. Theres just too much this team can do. The cammy AA can be switched out for a different type of AA, but charile\ruby should stick together.[LIST=1]


For me, I have Charlie on a team with Doom. Doom can play a great part in helping Charlie get in his HK grabs, which will destroy your opponent