Low tier marvel money matches in SF

so who’s down.

When, where, and how much?

let a few more heads respond.

it can be anyday. i’m down for any time.
and i’m neither rich rich nor broke broke.

just makes me play harder.
i can’t play marvel everyday.
but with enough notice(more then a day ). im there.

edit: damn,with all these people up past 1am.
we should make some kind of midnight marvel money match madness montage. ( aka m6 ) heheheh.
or maybe i’m just wondering off since its late night or something…

Lets do this

we can play FT7 $25
we are talking real Low Tier right ?

I say it is best to start listing down which characters are consider to be low tier and see if we all agree. I don’t want to meet up and find out that Ken isn’t a low tier.

Here is another suggestion. How about MM with any characters except (Cable, Storm, Magneto, Senteniel, and maybe Ironman).

omg i will murph all of you for money in low tiers. and dont even make me my nigga uli in the mix.

oh shit, its korngo. i’ll be happy to face you again.
i’m not scared of your ken :wink:

i eat korngo’S for breakfast!

Murph is the new word.

…that was not me. that was my boy uli lol i dont use ken like that. lol

well atleast i know you dont suck.
should be interesting.

and hydro, i accept your challenge!

anyone have sticks?
i can bring th DC and marvel. but all i got is pads.
we can practice if you want.

nahh i do suck. lol but ummmm do these money matches have to go down in frisco??

i just saw that video of you giving soo a terrible rape in the first round.
that was nice.

the money matches can go down anywhere.
but if you want to money match ME. we;re bound to have more fun here in the city.

i have slight travel issues and finding peoples houses which are usually in the cuttyest ofplaces wastes so much time.

but meanwhile, its not that hard to find a big giant college like sfsu.
and the surrounding streets arent that complicated. like some other peoples houses who shall remain nameless.

&btw: is there some server where people here gather to chat?
someone point me in the right direction. thx


about tiers I mean you cant have TWO 2ndTiers on your team thats not a low Tier match

But…to keep it real with you im not even trippin & my team is purely LOW TIER.

do you have sticks? i can only travel within sf.
i hate long trips on the bus and pissed each time i gotta take em cause more then 5 of my cars for impounded by the pigs.

tired of them and their bullshit.

money on phil, hydro and korngo!

hydro, you’re not going to use that team are you?

Can someone wholly define ‘low tier’?

lol korngos that shit hella sounds like a snack maybe that would be made by frito lay example sour cream an onion korngos goota gget me some o those:woot:

patmonsta: i dont think korngo would be happy being considered just a mear snack.
he’s atleast a 3 course meal… you gotta be hungry to finish him.

every flower flow:

felicia megaman, capcom, wolverine’s,suma,thanos,dan,guile,amingo,cyclops,war machine,ken,bbhood,ryu,sonson,marrow, psylocke, silver samurai,sabertooth,charlie,akuma,geif,ruby heart, iceman, gambit, black heart, dalshim, jin, anakaris, hayato,captin america, spiderman, juggy, spiral,bison, morrigan,sakura,tron, doom, venom, colossus, cammy, strider, jill, rouge, hulk, iron man, servbot, roll, chun li, omega red,

people excluded: storm, mags, the robot, cable,

Cyke is low-tier? You’re kidding right?