Low tier rules:

for the most part, the tops get banned. So, storm\cable\sent\mag\wm\im. I think most people can agree with that.

I think the standard format everyone is going with is the ratio system. Basically you get 4 points max, theres a 2 point character class consisting of the better characters and a 1 point character class consisting of the weaker ones. I assume you can pick three, 1 point characters and you can’t pick 2 ratio 2’s because you would only have 2 people on your team and thats not possible.

Ratio 2 Characters (combinable with Ratio 1 only):
Captain Commando
Dr. Doom
Omega Red

  • I got this from the evo world section where this is supposedly the rules for evo low tier this year. wong was the one who posted it up.

  • the list is missing morrigan. Combined with tron its make her unfair. I don’t want to go into the details but her mixup game is too strong. If the ratio system was put into place to prevent deadly tron combinations, morrgain+tron has to be considered. If you look @ the list, cyke, rogue, cammy, psy, mega all have been cut off from having tron.

  • i think sim\mummy run away should also be considered. They can not fight and certain low tiers can’t do anything about it. Also, either of those 2 characters can get really nasty with tron.

  • speed up wolvie and ruby heart also have to be taken into consideration with tron. Speed up wolvie gets the craziest crossups in the game and ruby heart can create instant xups or instant original side crossups with her super. Tron lets her recombo after it and if you have bar to do it again, it can be over fast.

  • marrow+tron is also the pushing the limit. You have an extremely fast character with a safe super in qcb+pp which can be used behind tron to fucking nuke assist. I think c.lk+tron, c.rh, qcb+pp done right is like 80% life to an assist of average defense. Then the team can also relayer with tron all day to force an easy error just like cammy+tron.

  • jug ron too much? trip+tron, head crush is pretty much a dead something.

the ratio 2 list isn’t exactly low tier. You have strider, doom, cyke, BH. Obviously, those characters have a distinct advantage over some weaker based ones but if you pick a beast, you have to deal with 2 bums but then the question becomes, who the hell is going to stop cyke with bar and ken\son son AA? you could pick ruby\cyke\ken and just run around building bar with j.rh with ruby. Dhc to cyke and run around with my aa and shoot em.

imo, the ratio system has a pretty good setup. It prevents people from picking non low tier teams like mega\cammy ron or psy\cammy ron but still has a side effect to it when doom\cyke can come in and zone off the screen that low tiers have a hard time dealing with.

Me and mixup play simply by banning a bunch of characters. No top 4, strider, doom, spiral, BH, wm, IM, sim. Everyone else is playable but, the dumb shit like psy\cammy ron is considered “low tier” in our fights. Which really isn’t a low tier team.

does everyone feel like the ratio 2 system is the right way to go? does the ratio 2 field need a few more characters to be considered into it? or even ban a few more characters. I don’t think cyke even deserves to be mentioned for low tier. He’s just too damn good.

The ratio 2 system could work out but banning a few more characters like, cyke, strider, doom, bh would round out the list a little better. Any of those characters with bar and a proper team could really wreck shop.

I pretty much agree with everything you said, i think that cyke should be banned as well, and morrigan/anakaris/sim/ruby should be moved up to ration two, they are too good to be ratio 1.

well if what u say is true then the low tier tournament will be flooded by those ppl characters and then the system will be revised, i remember how once capcom wasnt consdiering a 2 pointer but then ppl realized that ppl would just spam bh/capcom so they made him 2 points, anyways isnt the whole point of this tounament so we can see some hot morrigan, wolverine, marrow, dhalsim, anakarkis etc…action. obvioulys when u ban the top tiers, there will be like a new “god tier of the low tiers” so we might still see the same 4 characters appearing in low tier tournaments but that isnt really a bad thing cuz u get to see high quality low tier players, if u want u can make a low low tier tournament where the top 20 characters are banned lol

i’m not saying ban those characters. I’m saying you can’t pair them with tron because its not really low tier then. Which is why there is a ratio system to prevent such duos from exsisting in a low tier fight. Characters like psy\ruby heart are “low tier” solo but combined with tron, there damage\ options go through the roof. Its not really low tier if I can kill your team in 4 setups or drop your assist in 1 hit.

The ratio system is there to prevent deadly tron combinations thats all.

anything/doom/tron was really gay the first year of low tier, atleast now people would have to think about whether or not they can afford to have 2 shitty characters+ tron or have 3 balanced characters over all.

Ban tron.

ban Jake; he’s low tier hhahahaha!

Hmmmm… how about ban Tron projectile and Psylocke AA and Capcom AA?

Just the assists, not the characters. I think getting rid of certain assists, maybe even doom’s rocks or something will change how you have to play the teams. Just a thought.

How dominant is Tron-Y as a low tier tourney assist of choice? She certainly makes any low tier character easier to “play” (read: press buttons and hope they run into Tron somehow)…

You’re going to be cutting a pretty arbitrary line at some point no matter what you do. Pick whatever makes you happy. Guile/Tron and Sakura/Tron both can be pretty dumb, etc etc.

be warned of doom with gambit assist

this shit is retarded

i’m amazed that tron is even being discussed

first things first… ban the TOP TIER characters FROM THE LOW TIER TOURNEY

get rid of the top tier char like doom+bh and so on, it’s ridiculous that people keep those characters involved.

Of course tron duo’s will take over, tron assist, guile assist, capcom assist and similar team structures become dominant.

leaving top tiers and banning tron is ass backwards

For a low-tier setting:

No storm, cable, sent, mags, cyclops, BH, Strider, doom, and IM. Psylocke, iceman, tron, and commando remain playable but their top assists are NOT allowed.

That right there eliminates at least 95% of the bullshit in marvel, its that simple.

Its ok to leave Tron, just bann her assist is what i say. Take away the bullshit assist and tron is no threat to anyone.

Since Marvel is all about team dynamics: a low tier team with a TOP assist like tron’s as its backbone, is thusly NOT a low-tier team at all.

how about this, screw the ratio point system and just ban the following characters. Theres no 2 point attribute or 1 point attribute and you can use any assist that a character has.
Iron Man
War Machine
Doctor Doom
Captain Commando
Tron Bonne
Mega Man
Omega Red
Ruby Heart

damn, wtf. If you do that you might as well eliminate everyone.

banned: top 4, strider, doom, IM, WM, spiral, bh, sim, cyke

  • sims runaway is too cheap and anakaris’ mummy drop is pushing the limit.

ratio 2: tron, morrigan, cammy, psy, ruby heart, jill, son son, anakaris, gambit, guile, rogue, charlie, felicia, mega, jug, both wolvies, iceman, omega, marrow.

ratio 1: everyone else.

basically, the mid tiers can’t have tron but the low tiers can.

However, I don’t see whats wrong with a gambit\morrigan\son son squad so the point system is missing something. I think you should be able to pick an all mid tier team w\o tron but you can’t pick a mid tier with tron.

With all the characters that need to be mentioned, its probable to miss a few here or there so plz don’t think that a list like mine is definite. I’m sure i’m forgetting a cheap combination with tron.

mid tiers can stick together and provide good team chemistry w\in themselves. double wolvie\gambit, morrigan\gambit\sonson, psy\gambit\cammy etc… since low tiers aren’t great as characters, allowing only the low tiers to pick tron will make up for what they lack as a character and team dynamics. IMO, it should even up the battle field between mid and low tier.

You forgot Cap. But on topic, the only way to get what you’re looking for is to make it a 6 point ratio system, and have Tron be 4 points. I suppose you could make the system a bit more complicated than it already is (4, 3, 2, and 1 point characters), but that would just lead to people going crazy saying so and so is better than whoever.

i think you should post this in the actual thread…

and yeah, sim jug tron is ridiculous lol. full screen S.HP with Sim —> strike --> 8hit headcrush

or unblockable headcrush dhc with Sim and Jug

there are so many unblockables with low tiers… BBHood+Jug THC = unblockable…gg

hmm, actually thinking about it now, fuck the ratio system. Its going to get too complicated in order to keep balance. keep it simple I suppose. Mid tiers don’t get tron but you can pick mid tiers together. Only low tiers are allowed to have tron.

midtiers - tron, morrigan, cammy, psy, ruby heart, jill, son son, anakaris, gambit, guile, rogue, charlie, felicia, mega, jug, both wolvies, iceman, omega, marrow.

^^ I kinda liked your second setup with the ratio system. you should keep that.

Co-sign. That Psylocke assist is looking like the Win button of choice…

O_O. Could you explain?