Low Tier

What makes cammy low tier? i have been maining her lately for about a week or 2 and i have been doing really good with her. I only ever have problems with

Runaway Blankas
Runaway AKumas

For the most part i can beat anyone else.

The tier list also says Cammy is Akumas worst matchup.
I wouldnt even bother looking at the tier lists atm alot of flaws.

What makes her low-tier in my opinion is the fact that she has no overhead.

yep downback>cammy.
very frustrating to play such players.

the tier list also put cammy at 5-5 against everyone except seth and sagat which we all know can’t possibly be true. honda, blanka, guile anyone?? she’s at the most a 4-6 with them, and really anyone who can turtle effectively. not that there’s not ways to get around it, but you’ve *really * gotta be on your game and out-think your opponents (lots of baiting & punishing).

zanglief - cammy 7,5 -2,5
Play any good zanglief and you will now why i put it so high:lame:

it really has to be the overhead for are vixen. i mean she is ok and she has her flaws but almost every character does. (except sagat) i mean in cs had overhead it would make a huge differnce


i lost to a horrible Ryu 5 games-3 yesterday. He just kept running away the whole match. When he was in the corner, he used hurricane kicks to get out.

yeh i get the same

or akumas spamming fireballs and when u get close teleport away

I actually don’t think she’s low tier. I’d place her, for now, squarely right in the middle of the list. Of the 25 characters, I actually rank her 13th… 12 better than her, 12 worse. Just ended up that way.

And I actually don’t think she’s in the middle because she’s average… I think she’s there just because everyone else above her are just BETTER than her. But overall, I think she’s a very strong character these dasy, a far cry from my gloom and doom days from when I started using her.

I think her worst fights are Zangief, Guile, and Balrog… and I’m starting to actually believe Akuma should be in that list, too. I think people are crazy for thinking she beats Akuma. His teleport destroys her entire gameplan, it’s frustrating as hell against good, runaway Akumas. My friend mains Akuma, and his game drives me absolutely up the wall. I get so angry fighting him because I think he teleports away from everything.

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but add blanka at the list with balrod and others , i think hes worst to face than zangief tbh

but if you guess right about his teleport, akuma can lose 20-30% of his HP.

Blanka vs Cammy IMHO is 4.5-5.5 Cammy…

Blanka has no safe way to “run away” from Cammy unlike Akuma, Seth, Dhalsim or Bision’s teleports. Blanka’s rolls is shut down by Cammy and his cross up shenanigans are not difficult to block/punish. Poor Blanka cannot string together a long combo and he has crap for block string…

Balrog is tough because of his LONG RANGE JABs… Lately I’ve been staying just outside of his jab range and I’ve been doing quite well vs Balrogs (6-4 Balrog, was 7-3 for me but once I found the correct distance its better now).

Guile is tough due to his fast recovery for his sonic booms, so difficult to get in. But his flash kicks are so vulnerable and has bad priority compared to Cammy’s c.spikes. Again, just staying outside of his jab range but still within Cammy’s FA range, there’s not much Guile can do. I would say its (5.5-4.5 Guile), just be patient and “ONCE IN STAY IN”

Akuma is tough because he can escape for free against any type of pressure / oki situations with his teleports. Plus Akuma can dish out big damage and Akuma has really strong mix up games and guessed incorrectly against his resets = dizzy = death. Akuma vs Cammy is 6-4.

Zangief is stupid because 1 mistake = 60% plus damage. His EX green hand beats Cammy’s C.Spike clean. His jab SPD range is stupidly long and together with his stamina, he can absorb tons of punishment from Cammy. 7-3 Zangief (IMHO, the worst match up for Cammy).

Bison is tough because he can chip you for free and there’s nothing you can do about it (lk scissors kicks are safe on block). His normals are faster and longer ranged plus he can escape pressure with his teleports. 6-4 Bison.

Ryu/Rufus are just stupid due to 1000+ ways of them landing their ultras (6-4).

Surprisingly, Sagat is not as bad as Ryu/Rufus due to his speed and average normals, I would fight Sagat over Ryu/Akuma/Rufus any day (I dare to say Sagat vs Cammy is only 5.5-4.5 due to his stamina).

Defensive Chuns/Gens are tough because their normals are SO MUCH better than Cammy’s and they have really solid defense, hard to break. Cammy vs Chun/Gen 4.5-5.5

A good defensive Honda is also tough for Cammy. Unless they do something first, Cammy cannot do damage to Honda, but when Honda hits Cammy with anything, Cammy takes big damage. 5.5-4.5 Honda.

So, 11 out of 25, wow, Cammy is NOT low tier if based on my own experience, she’s on the higher end of the mid tier. Against rest of the cast Cammy is even or better… (I can live with 5-5 matches any day)

well ill tell u what kind of blankas im facing

they run other side of screen waiting me to move, if i jump i eat the upper blanka ball, if i spiral/dash/go forward i eat his horizontal ball and if by any chance i get close to him, he just electr and then runs away again

and blocking deals still lot of damage =/

how about ken though?1 fire shoryuken comboed with punch takes away 1/3 of cammy hp -.-

i too think Blanka has no advantage over Cammy. you shut down all his moves even ultra.
ball or random ultra from Blanka = free ultra for cammy.

If they just sit there and do nothing, you can also sit there and do nothing. If you want to rush him down, just walk up to him, dont jump.

Why didn’t jchensor’s post close the thread?

I lose to a lot of Blankas, one of the characters I lose most to, but I’ll admit it’s because I usually fall for all of Blanka’s shenanigans. Once I get more used to them, I’ll do better. Also, every once in a while, I forget to block low against his stupid Ultra. I’ve lost matches because of that, and I always want to kick myself. I still hate fighting Blanka, and maybe rate that fight as 5.5-4.5.

I’ve been doing better, but Balrog is still one of her worst matches. I have my strats against Rogs these days, and it works against the good, average, and scrub Rogs, but the smart players still give me a ton of trouble. 6-4 Rog.

I actually think it’s worse than that. 6-4 at least, maybe 6.5 and 3.5. But then again, my style of play tends to be ultra aggressive, meaning a good defensive Guile shuts me down pretty badly. I should really try to be more patient against Guile.

Yeah. This is another fight I have to try and be more patient with. But I hate being right next to Akuma, watching him teleport away, and I can’t do anything about it. sigh Can you catch up to him with anything? Can I Dash and Roundhouse Drill and hit him at the end of his teleport? 6-4 Akuma, maybe 6.5-3.5.

Without question Cammy’s worst match-up. 7-3 Gief AT BEST.

Hmm. I might have to disagree with this one. I feel like this fight is 5-5 at worst, and I usually do really well against most Bisons I play against. He has trouble stopping Cammy’s Rushdown, and his backwards Teleport is a SHELL of Akuma’s teleport. It’s really easy to react to a teleport when you do a TKCS and walk up to throw Bison when he reappears. He can’t go as far as Akuma because backwards can only go as far as the screen will let him. It’s not like Akuma’s that travels a specific distance. I actually currently think this match up is 5.5-4.5 in favor of Cammy, maybe even 6-4 in favor of Cammy. I’m not scared of Bisons at all.

Ryu definitely has an advantage over Cammy. That fight is annoying. For some reason, it’s just easy for Ryu to hit Cammy. I can’t figure out what it is. 5.5-4.5 for Ryu.

As for Rufus, I actually rate this an even match-up. Once you get on top of Rufus, it’s REALLY hard for him to get you off of him. And the best thing about it that his best move to do so, the Jesus Kick (EX Messiah), will hit Cammy out of the air when you do TKCS’s if you don’t do them too low… which means you take no damage whatsoever. When Rufus Dive Kicks Cammy, she actually has access to an uppercut, which makes stopping his offense easier than his stopping yours. HOWEVER, baiting Cannon Spikes equals free Ultra for Rufus a lot of the time, so it’s definitely a hit or miss. Which is why I still rate this match as even at 5-5.

The only thing that makes this fight bad is the difference in stamina and strength. You have such LITTLE leeway with Sagat. Get hit twice and you’re dead. But Cammy has enough mobility to deal with the Tiger Shots, unlike most characters. 5.5-4.5 like you said.

I rate these both as 5-5 for now. I haven’t faced any real tough Gens. I go toe-to-toe with my friend who plays Chun REALLY well. As for Gen, Jeb’s Gen, I think, is an exception, SeikuRyu. :slight_smile: He just happens to be one of the best Gens in the PLANET, let alone country. But I haven’t played good Gens enough to really have a feel for this fight.

Agreed. Turtle Hondas are annoying, for sure, but it sure is nice that he can’t Fierce Headbutt you for free.

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hmm i have played my firneds chun and it is by far one of the best i have ever seen. Idk how to rate it its a close call on 4.5 5.5 to and maybe a 5-5. Once again chun is a very good defensive characters and has good anti air. My freind on the other hand can play her offenseivly and it can be just as dangerous

Let’s not forget about the fact that Cammy tends to be execution heavy. I’ve lost count on how many matches I’ve lost due to a misinput of tkspike. And it’s always to the worst characters…(Sagat, Ryu)

ahh very true it just happened to me against a sagat