Lowell, MA - Souper Bowl Tournament - 2/20/2011 - MVC3, SSFIV

Souper Bowl
1733 Middlesex Street
Lowell, MA, 01852

MVC3 is finally out in February and we’ll have a tournament just a week after it’s release. The results may be random since we’re all new to it, but it should be a lot of fun.

No SSFIV Teams or HDR Singles this time around. We’ll see how it turns out.

**Doors open at 11 **

MvC3 Registration at 1PM
Starts at 2PM

SSFIV Singles Registration at 4PM (maybe earlier)
Starts around 5PM

  • $5 venue fee
  • $5 MvC3 singles fee
  • $10 singles fee
  • Bring your own controller and/or stick (Then keep an eye on it!)

MvC3 on XBOX

  • Matches are 2/3, 3/5 for Winners, Losers and Grand Finals
    -2/3 Rounds
  • Double Elim

SSFIV Singles on XBOX

  • Matches are 2/3, 3/5 for Winners, Losers and Grand Finals
  • 2/3 rounds
  • Double Elimination

**SSFIV & MvC3 Singles Pot Distribution: **
1st Prize: 60% of pot
2nd Prize: 30% of pot
3rd Prize: 10% of pot

If you can bring a setup, you get the venue fee waived. If you can bring an XBOX please bring a CRT or lagless monitor, let me know! At the moment, I have two extra TVs, first come first serve!

  1. asiantom (3 TVs | 2 XBOX w/MVC3&SSFIV)
  2. Peter Pham (1 TV)
  3. CP (1 TV | 1 XBOX w/MVC3&SSFIV)
  4. Trance (Using 1 TV | XBOX w/MVC3&SSFIV)
  5. Dusty Feets (1 TV | 1 XBOX w/MVC3&SSFIV)
  6. Merkilo (Using 1 TV | XBOX w/SSFIV)
  7. Mr Sleeps (1 TV | 1 XBOX w/MVC3&SSFIV)

You can also RSVP on Facebook HERE

I will bring a set up TOM With both games

Thanks. You using one of the TVs as well?

yes please

What about HDR teams? :>

Probably gonna be there.

hi asiantom :slight_smile:

Hello Mr. Nestor K (who has 2 last names btw Corchado and Kurochado)

I can bring a set up again and both games.

Look forward to kick everyone’s ass on MvC3. ;D

should do 1 dollar hdr random teams just so the game can get some play

Maybe, it’s looking like a waste of time with every tournament held. Last time there was only three entrants.

Not to sound rude, but side tournaments this time around sounds like it’ll be in the way. We have two major games to play now and we’ll need as many tvs as we can get. Don’t get me wrong here, I fucking love side tournaments. Most hyped shit ever.

Also tom i can bring an xbox with ssf4 but I have no TV and I probably won’t have marvel3 for xbox

I hope I can go this time I look forward to face other people than my friend.

In…! Any chance we can run this one on PS3 instead of 360, since Winter Brawl is the following weekend (and will be on PS3)? There really is a difference in input delay, and it seems like it’d be better to only have to practice for one system right before a major. Please? :smile:

I agree with the idea to not have side tournaments this time around. I mean, maybe SSFIV teams would be okay, but anything beyond that might be too much for now.

Deal with it i rather play on the 360…plus when it comes to WB you have plenty of time to play casual at philly

Sorry, Alex, I think a weeks worth of time is plenty to ‘re-adjust’ for PS3. Plus, I’m getting MvC3 for XBOX.

tom count me in, mrsleeps, ill hook it up im gonna bring a setup, xbox, tv, mvc3 and ssf4, woot woot, and i dont got to borrow a stick this time yeaaa boiii, do me a favor, what time i can go up there, im looking to get there early to get some practice on. if thats cool

i’ll definitely be coming to this, probably hungry for some soup too, though I’m gonna be asking around for an xbox stick to play on since I don’t think I’ll have my dual mod done by then.

I’ll try to be there at 11.

Thanks for the setup!

No laggy TV’s this time around please. I will try and bring a full set up also.