Lowell, MA - Souper Bowl Tournament - 3/27/2011 - MVC3 & SSFIV Singles

Regarding the poll above

Peter Pham has put up $50 dollars to run a free, single elimination, tournament! He doesn’t know what game to run though and he’s asking people what they’d like to play.

I voted Bomberman because it’d be a nice break from fighters and bombman is baaaaaaaaaaaaam.

Souper Bowl
1733 Middlesex Street
Lowell, MA, 01852

Been hosting tournaments at the Souper Bowl for 1 years. ooooooh.

Bumped up the entry fees for the tournaments again to $10 dollars, enter what you feel comfortable with. I’m starting SSFIV at 2pm even if only 8 people enter, so don’t be late.

Doors open at 11:30am

SSFIV Singles Registration at 1-2 PM
Starts at 2 PM

MVC3 Singles Registration at 4-5 PM (or when SSFIV is ending)
Starts around 5 PM (or when SSFIV is over)

  • $5 venue fee
  • $10 MvC3 singles fee
  • $10 singles fee
  • Bring your own controller and/or stick (Then keep an eye on it!)

MvC3 on XBOX

  • Matches are 2/3, 3/5 for Winners, Losers and Grand Finals
    -2/3 Rounds
  • Double Elim

SSFIV Singles on XBOX

  • Matches are 2/3, 3/5 for Winners, Losers and Grand Finals
  • 2/3 rounds
  • Double Elimination

**SSFIV & MvC3 Singles Pot Distribution: **
1st Prize: 60% of pot
2nd Prize: 30% of pot
3rd Prize: 10% of pot

**Setups **
If you can bring a setup, you get the venue fee waived. If you can bring an XBOX please bring a CRT or lagless monitor, let me know! At the moment, I have two extra TVs, first come first serve!

  1. asiantom (3 TVs | 2 XBOX w/MVC3&SSFIV)
  2. Peter Pham (1 TV)
  3. CP (1 TV | XBOX w/MVC3&SSFIV)
  4. Weaponer7 (1 TV | XBOX w/MVC3&SSFIV)
  5. MrSleeps (1 TV | XBOX w/MVC3&SSFIV)
  6. Cl04k3d (1 TV | XBOX w/MVC3&SSFIV)
  7. Merkilo (Peter’s TV | XBOX w/MVC3&SSFIV)

No SSFIV teams again?

sup tom, put me down for 1 TV/xbox/ssf4/mvc3. ill be there.

Nope, I don’t feel like there’s enough time. Before there was only a large following for SSFIV and now there’s a large (or moderate) following for two different games.

On that note, would anyone be opposed to SSFIV 3v3 Teams in place of SSFIV Singles for the next tournament? I’ve already got mixed responses from different people. I like 3v3 teams because of Japan’s SBO tournaments, to me those are fun to watch and fun to see the team creations.

Personally, I like teams more than singles because teams are simply more fun. But if the majority just wants to do singles I’m cool with that. Just mixing up our options.

I’m up for a 3v3 tournament next time. I think some of the most hyped matches we had there are teams.

3v3 sounds like a good idea.

Awww, no PS3?

3v3 sounds fun tom…make it happen!
And its good that you’ll start things on time…thats how it should be.

Sorry, buddy! We switched from PS3 a while ago. :china:

Yea, well it made sense when you, Will and Remy were talking to me about it.

Oh and 3v3 plans will be for the April tournament if the majority is cool.

Disagree with 3v3 teams unless its $30 a team.

im down for 3v3 teams. as long as i get some teamates this time haha.

In there. And I’d be alright with 3v3 teams for the April tournament.

3v3 would be nice and I would suggest $15 per team for that event. Even if you wanted to make it $6 per team so player’s are more relaxed about entering would be kewl with me. Tom, I was wondering if you saw my suggestion I made in the last results thread? It was about making the venue fee $6 instead of $5 so at least you are compensated for your time and effort.

I did see that Tom, but I won’t be doing that.

ok np. Do you also remember the conversation we had about changing the set ups to make more room? Did you talk to Peter about the change? I believe if you add extention cords and more surge protector’s it could be done. It wouldn’t interfere with Peter’s business if he just used the bar area to get around and serve his customer’s without worrying about things being spilled.

I talked to Peter about that. We’re still going to keep that isle open because making them walk in the bar area means they have to go up and down those steps and when you have a full bowl of hot soup I think you want minimize risk.

But I talked to Peter about it and I think he has some ideas.


i am going to try to make this tourney, sorry couldnt make last one, i got called into work, but another thing i wanted to add, tom, if i come i can bring a whole setup, but i wanted to know if i could donate a crt tv, i got a 22 inch sony that is a extra just laying around the house, i would like to bring a setup and donate the tv if thats ok.

A CRT donation would be very appreciated! I’d most likely leave it at the Souper Bowl for Fight Nights and tournaments. Thanks!

Also, everyone check the top of the first post and vote for what game you wanna play!

$6 a team is so dumb. stop with these awful suggestions. for someone who is constantly trying to better the community or whatever bs you spout, everyone playing like its fucking t-ball isnt going to motivate anyone to get better. think for a second.